3100 Missouri 7
Blue Springs, MO 64014, United States
(816) 228-9938
Dana Pickett

Stylist: Mollie and Amber

Warning: this is going to be pretty long winded because Mollie is really great. I big chopped my 3b/3c hair in May of 2013 and went to have her even it out yesterday (Feb of 2014). I was referred to her by my mom who went to her a few months before me (she is also a curly). When I called to schedule my appointment she made sure to ask lots of questions about the condition of my hair, the severity of my curl patterns, and how I style my hair daily. I had cut my hair unevenly when I big chopped, so I did have to let go of a little bit of length, but before she even cut she asked me how short I was comfortable with and she stuck to that guide. She does use a few techniques that we curlies are told to shy away from (such as thinning with texturizing shears), but she explains why she's doing it and she really listens, so if you tell her you don't like how your hair looks when it's cut with texturizing or thinning shears she won't do it. Another thing I like about her is that she is extremely honest. When I asked her how often I should get my hair trimmed if I'm trying to grow it she told me anywhere from 2-4 times a year. She also told me that if I make an appointment and my hair is in good enough shape that she doesn't need to cut it she will just style it and do a conditioning treatment. (FINALLY A STYLIST HOW ISN'T SCISSOR HAPPY!) She's great to go to if you wear your hair curly and straight, because she dry cuts first to make sure she can really see where your hair is going to lay, and then if you wear your hair straight she will blow you out, flat iron and go in to cut to fine tune everything just to make sure the cut is relatively even. She flat ironed me, and it was the first time I got my hair flat ironed at a salon and not only did I get really pretty results, but I didn't have heat damage. She also has a discount referral program, so if you love her, and you will, when one of your referrals comes in she will take $10 off of your service. I honestly can't say enough good things about Mollie, I'm not getting my hair cut anywhere else again. (And I'm definitely not going anywhere near my head with hair cutting shears EVER again lol)

Reviewed on: 27.02.14