1059 Millmont St
Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States
Amanda Phillips

Stylist: Becca Bradarich

Got an amazing amazing haircut from Becca. I spent a long time trying to find a place in Cville that can handle curls; the only place that advertised themselves as specializing in curly hair was Face Value in Crozet, which uses the Ouidad method and charges $130 (!!!!!) for a haircut. Becca has done the Ouidad training but does not religiously keep to their method; she just uses it to inform how she approaches curly hair. She spent about half an hour just looking at it and talking to me about what I wanted. I have waist-length hair but I wanted some very very short face framing layers, almost a bang, and she didn't tell me that curly girls can't have bangs (ugh so sick of hearing that!); instead she told me how she was going to make it happen!

It was rainy and humid out and my hair was on day 3 post-style, so she washed it and dried/styled it BEFORE she cut anything. She did most of the cut dry, then wet it down again, made a couple of adjustments to the cut, and then let ME be in charge of how to style it so I walked out confident that I could make it look as good every day.

It came out absolutely beautiful, it has so much body and volume and great movement, with a bunch of little curly tendrils framing my face, without losing any of the overall length.

And the best part was, it was only $50! I literally cannot recommend her enough. She is amazing!

Reviewed on: 30.04.15