3231 Plaza Way
Waldorf, MD 20603, MD 20603, United States

Barbara Gianola



If I could give this salon a negative number, I would. They should not label themselves as a natural hair salon because the stylist that worked on me clearly did not know how to handle natural hair. I went in for a wash blowdry and flat iron. She tried to detangle my freshly washed hair with a fine tooth comb and even though it was clearly not working, continued to do so anyways! The stylist then tried to blow dry my hair when she thought it was detangled and also failed to get a good blow dry. On top of this after she attempted to blow dry she then proceeded to flat iron tangled hair.....it eventually got to the point where she had to ask another stylist for help and that stylist then proceeded to re-flat iron the parts that she messed up on. There was so much heat put on my hair and I don't believe a heat protectant was used. I walked out of this salon paying $75 for them to break off my bra strap length hair to shoulder length.....I'm traumatized by the lack of regard for the fragility of natural hair that this salon has shown. I washed my hair out three days later only to reveal what I knew was imminent.....I've experienced heat damage that has turned my 4c hair into a mess of 3c-4b hair that will surely begin to look more damaged when my hair grows back in. 

I am disgusted by the service that I received at this salon and although I did not catch the name of this stylist, I can only note that she was a  woman with a dark complexion and dread locs. If you're natural, DO NOT COME TO THIS SALON FOR NATURAL HAIR SERVICES. 

Reviewed on: 27.03.15