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Stylist: Aimee Zimmerman

I too had really high hopes for Aimee. I read the reviews here and had been told be several curly girls that she's the only person they'll let touch her hair. (Whenever I see a curly girl on the street with a style I really like, I ask the name of their stylist.)The cut I got wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. It was just okay. But I have to say that the curly girls I stopped on the street had amazing hair.

Reviewed on 05.21.16

Stylist: Aimee Zimmerman

Aimee has been my stylist for 3 years. I have 3B/C hair and I went to see her after my big chop. She not only re-shaped my short hair into something attractive instead of a hair halo, she educated me and has helped me during my grow out. She always listens and provides the pros and cons of decisions and guidance as to what will give the same effect but be best for my hair. I've had many stylists over a few decades but I've never one this great. She is an artist! I'm not a gal that likes to fuss with my hair a lot or spend more than 10 minutes styling. Her cuts always bring out my best curl and her coloring and highlighting technique is flawless. I'm still growing out so I see her twice a year. I wanted a low maintenance color/highlight for my greys. She guided me towards balayage. My hair looks like it was naturally sun bleached and I don't have a harsh root line that needs constant retouching. I'll never go to another stylist!

Reviewed on 11.19.13

Stylist: Aimee Zimmerman

Amie has been a Godsend to me for the last 8 years.:) She is the ONLY one I will allow to touch my difficult hair. I originally found her name through NaturallyCurly.com and was very nvervous to let someone new cut/color my hair, but I really didn't have anything to lose since no other stylist had a clue what they were doing with my hair anyway. My hair is partially curly, partially wavy, partially straight, basically, it's a nightmare and it seemed like I just couldn't find anyone that actually specialized in a hair "type", it was always that they only specialized in certain services. So after many years of cutting it myself, finding someone that understood curly hair and how to cut it was amazing. From day one, Amie has always taken time to listen to my needs/wants each and every time I go in, Lord knows like every other woman on the planet, I like to change my mind! When I have ideas about how I want it cut/colored, she always guides me through how it will or won't work with my hair. She has educated me on the chemistry of hair color and how/why certain colors last longer and has come up with a great formula for covering my very very stubborn grey!

Reviewed on 10.19.12

Stylist: Aimee Zimmerman

I had read good reviews about Aimee, so I decided to give her a try. I have to say, I'm glad other people have had a good experience, but mine was awful. I feel inclined to share it here, since her other reviews are what convinced me to go to her. I found her attitude to be a little hostile and unfriendly, like almost patronizing. And the haircut... oh my gosh. It's one of the worst I've ever had! It's at least an inch different length from left to right, it's become frizzier and the curls actually less defined. And there was some kind of thinning/layering situation that just makes it look totally ratty. There may be a magical product and styling protocol that would have it looking OK, but with the time I usually devote to my hair, it's a mess. I can't decide if I should wait it out for a few months or go back to my other stylist for damage control. I had a feeling that Aimee wasn't really listening while I was explaining what I wanted, so I guess this is what you get. Maybe she was just having an off day, but still, really disappointing....

Reviewed on 08.09.12