125 East Plaza Drive
Mooresville, NC 28115, United States

Stephanie Stricker


Stylist: Angela

I went to For Real Girl after having a horribly uneven cut from a salon that claimed that they knew how to handle natural hair. I wanted to cry at the thought of me having to cut all of my hair off. Instead, Angela slowly evened out my hair over time when I came to get my ends trimmed but cutting a little a a time. I'm so happy to have found a salon that KNOWS the curly girl method and handles my hair with TLC. I've been going for a year and Angela is VERY knowledgeable about everything from natural hair to essential oils and everything in between! 

Reviewed on: 28.11.16

Stylist: Angela

Went to For Real Girl and had Angela as my stylist. She was great! Took the time to listen to what I wanted for a style and went over the Deva curl technique so I understood what she would do. The results are great! I will be going back to see Angela from now on and reccommending her to my "curly friends"!

Reviewed on: 11.01.16