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Stylist: Doug Lilley

I've gone to Doug a few times now and I'm never unhappy. He knows a lot about curly hair and always has good suggestions. He listens to what I want for my hair but has a good professional opinion about what would look best.  I've gone to many other stylists over the years and never been truly happy with a haircut until coming here. 

Reviewed on 03.09.15

Stylist: Doug Lilley

This was the first time I went to a hairdresser in a long time, since I am always  afraid of people cutting my hair. My cousin gave this guy great reviews so I went and thought that he was amazing. Not only did he dry cut my hair which is great because you can actually see what you are going to get when he is cutting it, he also helped me with tips and is very knowledgeable about styling outside of the salon. I am super pleased with this cut and I am going back! 

Reviewed on 08.17.14

Stylist: Doug Lilley

**ATTENTION** To ALL those whom can NOT wet their natural hair and just walk out the house THIS SALON IS NOT FOR YOU. Nothing against this stylist, but if you are ESPECIALLY BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN, it is extremely important to know that Doug does NOT use any rollers, rods, sets, etc. Nor does he braid, twist, nor do braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, etc. AND in my personal opinion, can be a little scissor happy. I came to him with 3B/3C hair, that when straightened, went down to my bra strap closure down my back. I told Doug that I would like my ENDS CLIPPED and a STYLE, and let him know that I am new to trying the CG Method and don't know what I'm doing so I'll just let him do what he thought was best for me...and he did. I'm not at all happy with my hair anymore. When he was done, my hair was in a bushy afro that was cut so short that it didn't even touch my shoulders let alone my back where it has been reaching my entire life. How I got myself into this one, I don't know. I was charged $65 to cut and wash my hair and he was done.. But because I was so unhappy with my hair he offered me to only pay half. So PLEASE all those looking for a stylist make sure you ask all the "right" questions.. like.. "what tools do you use to create styles with" maybe. And if you don't really WANT your hair cut off.. PAY ATTENTION when your stylist is cutting and let them know EXACTLY how much you want off AND STCK TO IT. Doug was nice to me and taught me what products I could use, how to properly wash my hair, and we even had a few laughs.. it's just very unfortunate for me that I lost all my long beautiful hair in the process. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RATEING WAS DUE TO LACK OF PROPER COMMUNICATION BETWEEN DOUG AND MYSELF AND IS NOT A REFLECTION ON HIM AS A STYLIST. SO IF YOU CAN TRULY WASH AND GO!.. Doug may be able to hook you up and make you feel as beautiful as you are. MUAH! Happy Searching Everyone. Hope this helps.

Reviewed on 07.04.14

Stylist: Doug Lilley

I wish I could leave a higher rating to better express how awesome Doug Lilley is. My name is Kathleen, and at my first cut with Doug he educated me so much on how to properly care for my curly hair. He was so incredibly knowledgeable and I instantly knew I'd walked into the right salon. Now, I have just had my third visit to Studio 138 and this time I asked him to just do something fun and different with my hair. What he did was completely unexpected and totally amazing, I was absolutely THRILLED with the outcome. Anyway, if you are looking for a salon, Studio 138 is the way to go, Doug will change your life!!!!

Reviewed on 02.09.14

Stylist: Doug Lilley

Hi!! i would like a few minutes of your time to tell you how excited i am to have found Doug. He truly cares and understands curly hair. He educated me so much more about curly hair . Am so glad i found this website . If you are in the orange county area stop by and see Doug. I have been going to him for almost a year and he has truly improved my hair. He is just awesome. I recommend you go and see him if you are a curly girl.

Reviewed on 08.27.13

Stylist: Doug Lilley

Besides finally finding a salon that actually caries DevaCurl products (YES!), a hair cut with Doug is so much more than that. He spends the time educating you about your hair type, how to wash it, style it, and he really brought my hair back after doing all the horrible things we as women do to our hair in the name of style. Every woman I have referred to his salon are just enamored with the quality, service and phenomenal prices. The best way to describe the feeling of having someone finally "get" what you're talking about when it comes to your hair is that it's like being in a foreign country and meeting someone who finally speaks the same language you do.

Reviewed on 05.28.13

Stylist: Doug Lilley

After coloring my hair many times, my hair lost its natural curl and was extremely frizzy. After seeing Doug Lilley and using the DevaCurl Products, my hair transformed! my hair is now back to its natural curl, voluminous, and feels a lot healthier. thanks Doug!! I highly recommend Studio 138 for curly girls

Reviewed on 04.23.13

Stylist: Doug Lilley

Hi! I found Doug on this website and even though I had always read that curly hair should be cut dry, I had never had a dry cut. That is, until, I went to Doug at Salon 138. He does wonderful work! I walked in with super dry hair from all of the processing I had done to it previously with all sorts of split ends and a V cut. I had my first dry cut and he educated me on all things a curly girl needs to know. He recommends the deva line but doesn't push you to buy it. He does, however, tell you what type of other product he would recommend and tries to steer one away from processing their curls. It's been about 2 months since my first visit and my curls are starting to look so much better! They are back to being bouncy and beautiful. If you're a curly girl I would definitely recommend him!

Reviewed on 03.28.13

Stylist: Anonymous

Studio 138 is definitely the place that I would recommend to ANY curly/wavy haired person. I’ve been going to Doug since the beginning of 2011 and I admit it’s been the best hair decision I’ve made. He’s really taught me to embrace my hair and to learn how to work with it. I was a bit hesitant on using Deva Curl because I was use to the “super crunchy” feeling of my hair due to using all the other products. But Doug really knows Deva Curl and suggested ways to style my hair that work best. I can really see the difference. The overall shape, health and style of my hair is awesome. Doug is the best!

Reviewed on 11.07.12

Stylist: Doug Lilley

Thanks to Doug I embrace my curly locks! Upon my first session with Doug my hair was dry and damaged from over styling and exposure to chlorine and saltwater. He really took his time to inform me on how to care for my specific hair type. With his precision cut and use of Deva Curl products, my hair is now healthy and easy to manage. Doug also uses quality hair color that shines and lasts longer than other treatments I've had in the past. I receive compliments on my curly hair and love that I don't spend too much time on it. Studio 138 is a relaxed environment in the heart of downtown Fullerton. I always enjoy my visits.

Reviewed on 01.24.12

Stylist: Doug Lilley

When I started going to Doug, my hair was a frizzy, damaged wavy mess. Over the past few months, my hair has undergone a transformation. I can now get the curly look that I want without it looking like frizzed bed head. With the fabulous cuts, I've received from Doug my hair has a great balanced shape to it. With the Deva Care products that he (and I at home) use, my color-treated hair is healthier than it has been in years. Perhaps most importantly, Doug takes the time to teach me how to be successful in taking care of my wavy hair and how to get the same look at home that I had when I walked out of the salon. I highly recommend Studio 138 to anyone with wavy or curly hair!

Reviewed on 08.01.11