Full Control Hair Salon

373 E. 69th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

User Reviews

Stylist: MeMe

I recently went and got my hair dyed and highlighted by MeMe. MeMe is natural herself (locs) so she knows what type of TLC natural hair needs. The shampoo she used did not feel like it stripped my hair or dried it out and the conditioner was wonderful. The scalp massage almost put me to sleep it was so relaxing. My curls popped after she deep conditioned it....my hair DOES NOT look like that when i do it myself at home. She then coiled my hair, that was the very first time I had my hair curled and I loved it. Ladies, if you are on the south side of the Chi, PLEASE go and visit her, (im willing to share). I promise you wont be disappointed. oh wait, lets not forget that i've been going there since i was 14 and relaxed, im now 22 and fully natural and she still takes wonderful care of my hair.

Reviewed on 07.25.11