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Stylist: Myrna

I had been searching for a new stylist since I moved back to Clermont in June. I went to one in my area who did a horrible job!! I researched the stylist from this website's recommendations and found Myrna. She used to work at David James so I called them looking for her and the receptionist was nice enough to tell me where she was now. I went to see Myrna a couple of months after the bad cut which had no shape (it was getting a chirstmas tree effect). She first treated it with a deep conditioner since it was incredibly dry and coarse. I have very thick and coarse hair naturally and the haircut I got did not help that situation at all. She left the treatment on a while as she cut my brother in laws hair. Then she cut mine and styled it curly. She gave me more layers and shape. She said the previous stylist did not layer it correctly and that is why it was doing the traingle thing. I was SOOO happy with the results that I thanked her right there. My brother in law was very pleased as well (he has curly hair himself). She taught us how to style it and what products we should use. The products (Paul Mitchell) were reasonably priced, the cut was as well. It was worth every penny. I have found my new stylist and I could not be more pleased. Stella Luca has a website which gives you a background on each stylist and prices. I found this to be very helpful and I felt comfortable having someone like Myrna with all her experience working on my hair. I highly recommend her and believe me, my hair is not the easiest to work with.

Reviewed on 11.24.07