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Macomb MI
21493 21 mile rd
macomb mi, MI 48044

User Reviews

Stylist: Catherine Cipriano

I've debated for a long time whether or not I should leave a review for this stylist or not. But I felt like I had to because I found her on this website and I know others will too. I just think everyone should how my haircut with Catherine went. I wanted a stylist closer to my home. For a few years I went to a stylist who is GREAT with curly hair, but she is too far away from me. So I found Catherine's name on this site and I decided to give her a try. I got my hair cut in the spring of this year...and I'm still not happy with it. I don't know what happened. Catherine seemed like she knew was she was cutting it. But when I went in, I had naturally lose curls that was long and curly. By my request, she cut off about seven inches off my hair and when the appointment was done, my hair had very little curl to it. Since then, I've tried styling my hair at home with the same products I've used for years and my hair is just not styling the way it used to. I don't know how it's even possible to cut someone's hair in a way where it changes the very nature of it, but it somehow happened. I've been trying for months to convince myself I'm happy with my hair but I'm not. I paid $60 plus a nice tip for a haircut I hate. I look at pictures of my hair before I got this cut and I want to cry because my hair doesn't look or feel the same way it used to. Catherine seems like a nice lady, but I'm not going back to her. I'd rather drive three hours to the stylist I know cuts my hair well (and is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper) then have my hair cut by this stylist again. 

Reviewed on 08.21.15

Stylist: Catherine Cipriano

Catherine is the best! I would recommoned her to anyone looking to tame their curly hair!

Reviewed on 03.01.15

Stylist: Catherine Cipriano

I have naturally curly hair and have always had a hard time finding a stylist that knows how to shape my hair. I went into Andrew Marke Salon and was pleasantly surprised when I had my appointment with Catherine Cipriano. She did an amazing job. She showed me what products work best for my hairtype and how to use them, along with how to style my hair. I used to spend an hour on my hair and Catherine cut that time in half by showing me all her tips. Anyone else in this situation MUST go see Catherine! When I saw her hairtype was similar to mine, I knew the search for my perfect stylist was over! Thanks Catherine, see you soon!

Reviewed on 02.25.15