1411 Trovillian Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789, United States

Shelby Bourne


Stylist: Angela

Angela was a great stylist. It was my first time in a hair salon in 10 years, and she made me feel very comfortable, along with all of my family who wanted to witness the event! Mom, dad, and an aunt, to be exact. I felt that she was very honest with me and confident in what she was doing, which put me at ease. Everything was clean and comfortable. I basically went in there with no idea what to expect, and she did a great job at making my hair both healthy and flattering. I have a "4a" coily hair type, and she used several techniques that she has learned over the years to shape my hair to have less of a "Christmas Tree" effect. The products we used were all DevaCurl. We had MANY questions and requests, and I believe that she rose to every challenge. Thanks Angela!

Reviewed on: 31.03.13

Stylist: Angela

I really enjoyed my hair experience at primp hair salon. I'll start with the negatives since there are only 2, Angela didn't have experience with my hair texture(mixture between 3c and 4a) and she also didn't achieve the desired style that best fit me. But on to the positives, Angela has a very calm and professional salon, in which everything is orderly, done efficiently, and it's a place where you're made to feel comfortable. There are little snacks and drinks offered while you wait to be attended to. Angela listens and answers any questions in reference to your hair, she doesn't brush them off or rush you, and she has a very outgoing personality. I also love how angela has a wide range of natural and water soluble products. She is really good in cutting and trimming hair as well. But my favorite part of this whole hair experience was the hair massage as I call it. That was the best hair washing experience I've ever had, it was so relaxing, not to mention the washing chairs that you lay on instead of sitting in an uncomfortable chair. That was my experience at primp hair salon, thanks this is why I rate it a 4 out of 5.

Reviewed on: 16.08.12

Stylist: Angela

Angela is a very thorough and professional stylist, as well as, really knows how to cut curly hair. I cannot recommend her any higher. I have been to several other stylist in the Metro Orlando area on this review list and Angela is by far the best. She does a thorough interview and explains everything from styling to products. The haircut I got from her allows my curls to naturally take form and I love it.

Reviewed on: 13.06.12

Stylist: Angela

Within the last three years I have come to embrace my curly hair and stopped straightening it every day. As I started to learn more about my curls, I also started to recognize that my current stylist was not cutting my hair properly. I tried explaining to her exactly what I didn't like, and she tried to resolve my issues by cutting in shorter layers. The result - a mushroom cloud of hair that never fell right and made me miserable! That's when I started searching for a stylist who actually understood curls and I found Angela. After my very first appointment, I was thrilled! She cut every curl individually and sculted my hair like an artist until I had exactly what I was looking for! She also gave me some tips on how to care for my curls. She explained that by taking a good multi-vitamin I could increase my hair growth, which was important to me because I like to wear my curls long and the butcher before Angela had taken too much off for my liking. Not only did my hair health improve, my nails even grew longer! Who knew! I have SAVED money because my cuts last longer and I have gotten out of the habit of daily shampooing, which was a hard transission, but so worth the results. I cannot thank Angela enough for the hair happiness she has brought to me and I encourage all curly girls in this area to find her, listen to her, and follow all of her valuable advice!!

Reviewed on: 24.05.12

Stylist: Angela

Finding Angela was the best thing I did for my hair and my sanity. Not only did she explain to me what she was doing she also educated me on the best way to take care of my hair. Growing up all I wanted was straight hair because anytime another stylist would cut my hair they would cut it like it was straight and take too much off not considering the recoil afterwords. When they styled it they always gave me a 1980's afro which looks great on others but looks horrendous on me. Now my curls look natural and curly without frizz and I have not touched a flat iron since. Angela uses the Deva method for coloring, cutting, and styling hair. I would not allow anyone else to touch my hair.

Reviewed on: 04.01.12

Stylist: Angela

I've been searching for a stylist that really knows how to cut and style curly hair. I found out that just because a stylist has curly hair herself doesn't mean that she can cut and style curly hair on someone else. I found several good reviews on this site for Angela and tracked her down at Primp. She's the answer to my dreams!!! She uses the Deva system -- everything from haircare and styling products to the unique Deva cutting system. My hair is short and was uneven from a bad cut at another shop. Angela asked lots of questions and then went to work, explaining everything she did and why she was doing it. She introduced me to the Deva haircare system and the benefits of using products that won't harm my curls. She washed my hair and diffused it, giving me all kinds of curly styling tips along the way. Then she cut my hair dry, snipping each individual curl....shaping my hair perfectly into the style that I wanted! I've never had anyone cut my hair like this before, but it makes perfect sense to cut curly hair this way. You can see exactly what your hair looks like while she's cutting -- no surprises! I can't begin to express how happy I am with Angela and what she did with my hair today. I would recommend Angela to everyone......

Reviewed on: 06.08.11