2727 NW 43rd Street, Suite 4A
Gainesville, FL , United States

Stylist: Kristy

Kristy is the most skilled and knowledgeable curly hair stylist I have ever gone to. What a relief to have finally had her recommended to me by a friend! If she ever leaves Salon Savoy I will follow her!

Reviewed on: 19.01.15

Stylist: Jessica

I booked a style appointment with a stylist named Kristy, based on a previous review here. However, when I arrived, I was placed with a stylist named Jessica.  FYI, Debra Lewis is no longer at this salon.

I wanted to check her out before allowing her to cut my hair. While she seemed very knowledgeable about Deva hair products and told me about different cutting techniques that work well with curly hair, the style turned out pretty bad.

I looked like Bo Peep upon leaving, as she didn't really know how to apply the Deva gel. Instead of using the gel to reinforce my normal curl pattern, she twisted each section around her finger so that all parts of my hair were equal curls. I had a Shirley Temple look going on, instead of using the gel to enhance my own curl pattern.

I am disappointed this salon placed me with someone not very knowledgeable about curly hair, when I had asked for Kristy. 

Jessica did her best and seemed to really want to know how to do curly hair. She just needs more practice. In the meantime, I'll be continuing my search in Gainesville for someone with a little more understanding and experience. 

Reviewed on: 09.10.14

Stylist: Kristy

I have follow Kristy to this salon and she has just been the best .I came to here with hair that was just messed up to say the least and she knew just what needed to be done. I always walk out happy.If you are having curly hair issues please go see kristy,I promise your curls will look like the curls from a magazine when she gets finished. you won't have a frizzy mess..

Reviewed on: 03.06.13

Stylist: Debra Lewis

Debra Lewis is great! She does exactly what you want. Ask for a dusting and that's what you get. NO HATCHET JOBS!

Reviewed on: 07.01.12

Stylist: Debra Lewis

I've had good luck with Debra Lewis at Salon Savoy also. I'm in a pretty serious "growing out some jacked up layers" phase and she has been really good about not cutting off too much. I've basically been having her just "dust" the ends every 8-12 weeks. So, I can't really give a review of a total haircut/style from her. But, seriously...I cannot count how many times I have gone to other salons for a "trim" and ended up with a complete hatchet job. So, she gets my vote for just doing what I ask!

Reviewed on: 06.01.12

Stylist: Debbra Lewis

Debbra is the best! She cuts curly hair while its dry and really listens to you. I had the bet haircut I've ever had with her. I really recommend her to anyone living in the Gainesville, FL area.

Reviewed on: 12.08.11