Ambrosia Salon

1750 Howell Mill Road, B2
Atlanta, GA 30318

User Reviews

Stylist: Christine

Called to make an appointment and was directed to leave a message. Two weeks later ... nothing. No return phone call, nothing. Wish they wanted a new client.

Reviewed on 02.26.16

Stylist: Brenda

When Christine went on maternity leave I was afraid I'd have to find another salon...I should have known she would leave me in good hands! Brenda has been my new stylist for over 2 years! She does exactly what I ask her to. Cuts my curly hair dry, then drys and styles it. Love my time with the girls at Ambrosia salon!

Reviewed on 07.27.13

Stylist: Brenda

I have been going to Ambrosia Hair Salon for a little over two years now. I originally went to see Christine based on the reviews; however, she was on maternity leave when I scheduled my appointment so I was booked with Brenda instead. Brenda gave me all the wonderful treatment, cut and style I have always wanted. I instantly fell in love with her work and swore I would never go to another stylist. She did my hair for my birthday and an amazing up-do for my Baby Shower, and of course all the great cuts and styles in between. However, I recently went back to work from being a stay at home Mom for a year and half, and was forced to call and reschedule a few appointments due to work scheduling conflicts. One Saturday afternoon I received a phone call/message from the receptionist asking me for my credit card information because Brenda was upset because I had to reschedule another appointment the day before. Mind you, I have NEVER been a no call, no show and was always giving my best regards to Brenda for not being able to make it if I had to reschedule. When I called on Tuesday when they re-opened, I was able to speak with the receptionist and asked her if there had been a policy change. She politely said no, but she did say that Brenda was upset and was requesting me to pay half of my services for having to reschedule on short notice. I cannot begin to tell you how shocked and hurt I was! I have NEVER been called by anyone, let alone a hair stylist, asking me for my credit card information. I thought I knew Brenda too; and if anything, she knew me and that I appreciated honesty. She NOT once mentioned to me during a recent appointment that having to reschedule on short notice was a problem for her and to be mindful and to try and call a little sooner. I would have greatly appreciated the honesty and being upfront then receiving a phone call being asked for my credit card information. It was obvious when speaking with the receptionist that she didn’t know what to say regarding the situation which made it even more so apparent that Brenda no longer wanted me as a client. I told her to give Brenda my best wishes and best of luck to them all, but that I was sad she had chosen to let me go in such a way. Needless to say, I am very hurt by all this and the way she, a stylist, conducted business in asking for my credit card information instead of mentioning her concern with me before hand. I still wonder if the owner of the company has any idea that business is being conducted this way. I would never treat a client in such a manner and would give a fair warning if anything. I gave the salon/stylist a 2 because of what happened. However, in all honesty they do great work. I’m just sorry that I now have to look for another stylist.

Reviewed on 01.24.12

Stylist: Christina

Christine was friendly my first visit. Her method of haircutting was different . She brushes out your hair into a big frizzball and then cuts it dry. I did read before going that this is her method. I left with a passable, layered cut .She did let me know that having the blow dried bangs I came in with were not working for her. I returned for color on another visit. That time she actually told me the other stylists and she laughed that"I still had those straight bangs" If I hadn't been so shocked and embarrased I probably would have walked out. Very shallow , very uncaring girl.

Reviewed on 09.11.11

Stylist: Christine

I went to Christine after reading several reviews on the site. I went with long hair that had never seen a good curly hair-cut. Christine gave me a fantastic hair cut - and has continually given me fantastic cuts every time I have returned. I put complete trust in Christine. I HIGHLY recommend her for your curly hair. The salon is professional yet has an air of comfort about it. I won't go to any other stylist.

Reviewed on 12.14.09

Stylist: Christina

I had my hair cut on August 24, 2006 by Christina at Ambrosia in NW Atlanta, based on a recommendation here. She gave me a great dry cut, followed by a No Poo and styling. Before this cut, my hair had been badly cut by a series of stylists who refused - or just lacked the ability - to work work with my curl, which is only wavey near my face but curly in back. All this followed a great cut I'd gotten at Devashan on a trip to New York in 2004, so I knew what I was looking for. I found it with Christina and highly recommend her. Ambrosia can be reached at 404-351-4896.

Reviewed on 08.30.06

Stylist: Christine

I am a wavy with annoying, inconsistent 2A, 2B and a little 3A, fine waves with lots of hair. In other words, I've had to force it to be straight or curly unless I was willing to settle for frizz. Until Christine, I had yet to find a hairdresser in Atlanta who could deal with the wave, minus frizz, in any way other than make it straight or curly. Christine did. She also found a cut that seems to let me have long hair without it looking too long for my face. Something nobody has ever done before. I have gotten more compliments on my hair in the last week than in the last year combined. If you're a wavy, go see Christine!

Reviewed on 08.22.06

Stylist: Christine

I went to Christine for the first time, and she gave me the best haircut I've ever had in my life. The salon carries Devacurl products (among others), and she did use some of those on me. She also cut my hair dry. She has beautiful hair herself, and I asked her to cut my hair similar to hers since our hairtypes are similar. I completely trusted her, and she gave me some sideswept bangs that I love. She listened to what I did and didn't want and honored those things, but I also asked for her opinions. She seemed to really understand my weird hair and all its little idiosyncrasies. I will most definitely go back to her. I have never been happier. Also, the salon is not "snobby" at all. I felt very comfortable there.

Reviewed on 07.22.06