The Styling Hutch

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Stylist: Kris

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

I found this salon on website. I called several times and inquired if they did African American natural hair. I was told on four different occasions that yes they were very good and on the day I made the appointment I was scheduled with Kris because she was the best. Well, let me say that no she is not the best when it comes to doing African American natural hair. This woman did not have a clue about the correct produt to use on my hair. She used mix chicks and she did finger twist on my tightly coiled hair and set me under a defuser dryer. Yes, my hair shrinked even tighter. When finished drying she just sent me on my way, she never attempted to take them down and separate or anything. And she had the nerve to charge $75.00! For what? When I left the Styling Hutch I went to the local Wal-Mart Smart Style and had them wash that mix chic out because it had started to flake. The stylist there used Mizani True Textures on my hair and did a straw set on my natural hair and the end results were 100 times better than what Kris did at the Styling Hutch. This salon is DEFINITELY NOT for AFRICAN AMERICAN woman with natural kinky hair.