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Stylist: Biana

Biana's been styling my hair for about 8 years now. I've followed her to a new location and she's transitioned me from short to long, curly to straight, through pregnancies, breakage, color; you name it. I've also seen hundreds of different women with different hair needs and wants come to her salon and leave very satisfied. I've seen her work with so many different types of hair and clients that I'm convinced that she is really tuned in to exceptional, healthy hair styling. I would be hard-pressed to ever defect to another stylist.

Reviewed on 06.17.09

Stylist: Biana

Biana creates fantastic hairstyles. I went to her salon and was very impressed with the hairstyles that I saw her create on other women. My own experience, however, was not as good. I have a very delicate grade of all natural hair and I went to her salon for a hair cut and to get my hair pressed. My hair was straightened so straight and with such high heat that it altered my natural curl pattern and I lost my full-bodied natural curls. The straight style didn't even look good and when I left the salon, it felt like I had lost all the volume of my hair. I think Biana is an exceptional hair stylists for women who have very strong, thick, voluminous hair. If your hair is delicate and requires careful handling, then she is likely not the best stylist for you. I don't think she took the time to examine the condition of my hair to determine what level of treatment and care was needed to style my hair. Hence, the harsh over straightening with extremely high heat. Since I stopped visiting her salon, I have had all the damaged hair cut off from the extreme straightening and my hair is full and healthy again. I would recommend her as a stylist because she does beautiful work. Just make sure your hair can handle the strong handling.

Reviewed on 01.26.09

Stylist: Biana

She specializes in curly hair maintenence and recomends great products. She can also press natural hair and make it look so straight you think you have a relaxer! I LOVE HER! I'll never go anywhere else. 11/15/06 Moriah

Reviewed on 11.20.06