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Stylist: Steven

Worst hair coloring ever and highly rude moody service! I met with Steven to have my hair lightened, it’s naturally medium brown with very light natural sun highlights. I wanted my hair to be the color of the sun highlights-about a 6 level, light brown/dirty blond-think JLo. My hair came out DARKER and reddish orange! My roots are a shade lighter then the rest of my head! Upon my hearing of my dissatisfaction he states “that’s the color you wanted 6” I got out the book and showed him they are not even comparable matches(dark red vs. dirty blond)-this lead to ignoring me. When I said I was paying and leaving (yeah, not a ‘lets work it out, maybe its not right”) he started saying “if your card goes through” we’ll see “if you card goes through” as if my dissatisfaction with my hair being colored a COMPLETELY DIFFERT COLOR then requested was me just being cheap!!!! I immediately got in my car and drove to a different salon to confirm that this was in fact a mess. I went to Salon Cielo in the Town Center, and met with an excellent stylist who informed me parts of my hair were completely missed by the stylist, my roots are 3 shades lighter then the rest of my head and fixing my hair (which was previously a virgin to dye) would result in severe damage. She recommended a few quick fixes and will put it highlights next week so I may attempt again to achieve the look I was originally going for. The man is color blind and can not accept when he makes a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed on 10.27.11