10 Downing Street
New York, NY 10014, United States



Stylist: Alex

I returned to Alex for my second visit and asked for a much shorter cut. She is very talented and friendly. I 'm very excited by the cut I got - it's modern and soft looking at the same time. Alex used the rake and shake method and mousse. Their Revive leave-in conditioner is the best I've tried, and I've tried them all! I hope I can duplicate what she did and I'll be very happy. I'm excited by my new haircut. Go Alex!

Reviewed on: 23.03.14

Stylist: Alex

Wow! I'm so happy with the cut from Alex and the styling technique. I liked Alex immediately and felt that she understood what style would like well with my face shape. As a first-timer, I received a free $75.00 intensive conditioning treatment. All the products and styling steps were explained to me without any pushing of the products at all. This cut is superb. I look better than I have in years and left the salon feeling very confident. The salon is very light, bright and cheery and the experience was very pleasant. I will definitely go back. My highest recommendation.

Reviewed on: 09.01.14

Stylist: The Alex Anthony Product Line

I recently I had a mishap with my color and it left my hair fried and straw like. It was so bad that it was breaking off when I ran my fingers through it. I immediately called Alex, (the owner) since she is my go to stylist, and asked her to recommend a product from her line at Alex Anthony. She recommended using the Alex Anthony Restore, an Intensive Protein Treatment. I also got the Maricuja Potion, and the Maricuja Oil to use while styling with heat. I used all the products this morning and the Restore Protein treatment was amazing! The product felt silky from when it first came out of the bottle. I left it in my hair for about 10 minutes and then rinsed it out. I used both the Maricuja products while styling my hair and my hair finally felt back to normal!! I can run my fingers through it again and it now looks healthy!! I definitely recommend trying the Alex Anthony products, especially the Restore treatment.

Reviewed on: 24.09.13

Stylist: Alex

I have known Alex for a long time and I am so happy she opened her own salon! Her technique and expertise in cutting my hair always leaves me satisfied and getting compliments. I love her new products as well that were just released recently. I have most recently tried the leave in conditioner spray and the gel and they both worked great! I can honestly say I did not have any frizz for the whole day. I haven't found a product yet that works this well so I am definitely going to buy more and I will recommend this to all of my friends who have curly hair. I am THRILLED with the results her products had on my hair!!

Reviewed on: 08.07.13

Stylist: Alex

This salon is amazing! I've gone to both Ana and Alex separately and both are lovely, talented and of the highest caliber. They have a passion for their work and do it well. I have naturally curly hair and left with it looking BETTER THAN EVER when they styled it - just like/better than Ouidad. Also, Alex cut my hair and was excellent at giving me her opinion but most importantly, listening to what I wanted. The styling by both were AMAZING! Ana gave me one of the best colors I've had and took a lot of time to make sure I understood her reco, which was different than mine. They are very accommodating, professional and kind. LOVE this place (and I'm a highly critical Manhattanite...). A+

Reviewed on: 26.06.13

Stylist: The Alex Anthony product line

You HAVE to try their products which they just came out with this week!! My curls have never felt and looked more amazing. I had my hair done at the Alex Anthony Salon yesterday and am obsessed with their products! The maracuja oil, the mousse, gel... And the best part is that my hair feels and looks amazing the next day thanks to their leave in conditioner Revive. So glad I found them and now their products!

Reviewed on: 09.06.13

Stylist: Brittney

Great experience all around! Easy to make an appointment via e-mail and they took me on time. Brittney is wonderful, she listens and works efficiently. She's an all around pleasure and so is everyone there. I highly recommend!

Reviewed on: 20.05.13

Stylist: Ana Daniel

Ana has been cutting my hair for several years. She is always very professional and has an excellent knowledge of what is best for curly hair. She answers all of my questions and helps me understand the best techniques to use with my hair. I leave Alex Anthony Salon feeling wonderful!

Reviewed on: 15.05.13

Stylist: Alex

I started going to Alex Anthony Salon shortly after it opened. The salon is beautiful and the staff has always been super friendly! The best thing about the salon is the cutting technique they use. Its completely different than any other haircut I have had, and is designed for curly hair. My hair is so much more manageable now and I can "wash and go" for the first time which is amazing!!! I have referred three of my friends there and they all loved it! Alex is the curly hair whisperer ; )

Reviewed on: 13.05.13

Stylist: Alex

I've been going to Alex for several years now and am thrilled that she's opened her own salon! I first went to her when she was with Ouidad. I'd heard rave reviews and thought I'd see if it lived up to its reputation. I honestly figured I'd try it once and get it out of my system but after one cut I was in, 100%. It's crazy and cliche but meeting Alex has been life changing for my hair. I have difficult, heavy, coarse, thick hair that is loose curly/wavy. If it isn't cut/styled right I can easily veer into Roseanna Danna Danna territory. But Alex has been a godsend and I can't imagine going to anyone else. I actually live in DC but make sure I get to NY multiple times a year to have Alex cut my hair. I used to straighten my hair religiously because I honestly didn't know what else to do with it. Since Alex has been my stylist I haven't straightened my hair on more than a handful of occasions in the past few years. I am a curly convert. And talent as a stylist aside, Alex is fantastic. Very grounded, down to earth, and friendly. She's done a great job with the salon -- Alex Anthony is bright and friendly and has a great energy. I highly recommend. (and not just for curly heads -- I've seen people with all different hair types getting cuts/styles there and they all looked great!)

Reviewed on: 11.05.13

Stylist: Ana Daniel

Looking forward to my first visit to the salon and seeing my favorite stylist, Ana. The appointment booking process was smooth and easy and I have no doubt that this will be my new salon of choice!

Reviewed on: 10.05.13

Stylist: Ana Daniel

I have been to every curly salon in the city, from Christos to Devachan to Ouidad. You name it; I've tried it, but NONE hold a candle to Alex & Anthony. First, the service is incredible. Everyone is extremely warm and welcoming. Second, their hours are super convenient. Finally (and most importantly) there is no one that cuts curl better than Alex and her team. My hair has never looked better. Go right now!

Reviewed on: 09.05.13

Stylist: Ana Daniel

THANK GOD. I found my stylist Ana Daniel and Alex @ Alex Anthony Salon. This salon is SUPER amazing with the most friendliest staff. It's bright and in an amazing location easy to get to(any train to W4) but if you like me I was able to find parking right in front, so cool. LOVE the massage chairs and my curls are HAPPY AGAIN...THANK YOU

Reviewed on: 09.05.13