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Smyrna, GA 30080

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Stylist: Kristen James

've been a client of Kristen's for about 5 years now and have followed her from Buckhead to Smyrna to her newest location in Vinings. She really is the best at what she does. My hair is very curly, but also very fine and not thick at all, therefore I don't really need the c-cut very often, if at all. She still knows how to perfectly cut and shape my curls so they form tight ringlets rather than a stringy mess. I've gone from long, past my shoulder hair to a chin length bob w/ her and it always looks awesome. She is also a perfectionist at color...again, I've gone from a caramel brown, to jet black, to sandy blonde highlights, and back to dark brown with her, and my hair has always remained soft, shiny, and healthy. On top of all that talent, she is one of the nicest, funniest, and down to earth people you will ever meet!!! Oh yeah, and she doesn't push any products, just gives recommendations but always encourages you to try different things to see what works best for you...regardless where its from! MUST check her out!!!!

Reviewed on 04.06.11

Stylist: Kristen James

Hey guys! I just found out that Kristen started her own personal blog where she blogs from home about hair and products and even motherhood! I wanted to share the link, could be of some good use and some good laughs for her clients :)

Reviewed on 03.23.11

Stylist: Kristen James

Kristen knows curly hair. Her cutting style is the best I ever experienced. I have good hair days for a good 6 months after her cuts. She knows what she is doing and your curly hair will benefit from them. She knows her products too and can recommend the best stuff for your particulare hair type. She's not a product pusher which I really appreciate from a stylist. She is down to earth and focused on doing a good job for her customers. Great lady and talented stylist.

Reviewed on 01.10.11

Stylist: Kristen James

Kristen James is a great stylist. She is the most knowledgeable person I know about curly hair and how to cut it. Her cuts are great and my hair responds so well to her work. Her styling tips are good too. She does sell products and will make good recommendations. She's smart and practical too about how to care for your hair. I got my hair colored by her once and was not pleased and would not get this service from her again. Her cuts are the best and really help my hair. If you have naturally curly hair and want to wear it naturally, go see Kristen James. $100 for the first cut, her special C-cut, then $70 for a trim. It is worth the price, it's that good.

Reviewed on 03.27.10

Stylist: Kristen James

I have gone to Kristen a couple of times now and have had both her C cut and trim. The C-cut was awesome it really made a difference in my hair. She gave great shape, evened out my hair and it looks awesome straight too. The trim was good as well - she evened out my hair so it can continue growing. Even though I love her cuts I find that they are WAY too overpriced. 100 dollars for a C cut and 70 dollars for a trim? Whenever she styles my hair it ends up looking really wild and poofy and pretty frizzy actually and both times I went home and washed all of the gunk off and it looked much better when I styled it myself. She offers great cuts and if you can afford it than I highly recommend her cuts, but I personally will not be going back because shes too expensive!

Reviewed on 12.11.08

Stylist: Kristen James and Tas

I went to atlanta to see my mother, and I made it a point to find a good stylist. Kristen cut my hair in the C cut, saving me from the mushroom I received in chicago two weeks earlier. Although she took off one and a half inches in some places, my hair has a nice shape, and I have nice curl definition. I feel like as it grows out, it will look better and better. Kristen saved me from mushroom head, and I suggest giving her a try. The only problem was that I didn't know that fingerstyling with Tas would cost me an additional 45 dollars on top of the 100 it costs for the cut. I was a little emotionally unprepared for that. He spent 5 minutes applying product, and then I sat under the dryer for 40 minutes. A little steep for some fingerstyling if you ask me, but at least I am not wearing a mushroom on my head as my hair anymore. The salon was calm and peaceful, and I felt like I was in good hands though. They know how to treat curly hair. 3b/3c hair. Curly girl for 2 months, natural for 3 years....

Reviewed on 09.07.08

Stylist: Kristen James

After reading all the rave reviews on here and hating every cut I've gotten since I moved to Atlanta, I decided to give Kristen a try- (even though she's in Smyrna and I'm in Alpharetta). And thank G-d I did! My hair hasn't looked this healthy in a while. Kristen totally understands curly hair and all the variations of curls. She also told me to rake conditioner on the bottom of my hair when its dry anytime before I'm going to get it wet- to wash or co/wash etc..And that has been working out great too. Now with that technique and the cut she gave me, my hair is soft and bouncey and lokos amazing. The layers are beautiful. I couldn't be happier.

Reviewed on 08.21.08

Stylist: Kristen James

Atlanta humidity and curly hair can push a gal to the extreme....contemplating permanent straightening! Thankfully, I found Kristen who taught me to embrace the curl! She's been cutting my hair for, gosh, at least 4 years now - I even traveled back to see her while living in LA for a year. She's a talented stylist and has the techniques and products to keep you happy with your curly hair.

Reviewed on 06.26.08

Stylist: Kristen James

Kristen is the real deal. She truly is an expert about curly hair needs and is very willing to share her knowledge. On my first visit in April she gave me a deep conditioning and a C cut. It took awhile for these services, but she told me what to expect in advance and it was all worth it. I get many compliments on my hair now because it's shiny and my curls are defined. It really made a difference and my hair is in great condition even 2 months after this cut. She also showed me how to style my individual curls for an everyday look and how to style my hair into an easy updo. She's moved from her Buckhead location and is not at 3150 Highlands Pkwy. Ste. 203 Smyrna, GA 30082 (678)595-9392. .

Reviewed on 06.22.08

Stylist: Kristen James! So i got my hair cut today and Kristen was just awesome. She's so nice and fun and she really gets curly hair. She taught me how to style and what products to use and stay away from. She respected the fact that I wanted to have length and she actually agreed that it would look better so she cut only what she needed to. She gave me the most amazing cut. At first I was shocked because it looked so completely different - it had so much body and curl i was a little scared that it was too much haha. I went home and got a good look at it - my hair looks so much THICKER and the curls are beautifully clumped and FRIZZ FREE from every angle. I can shake my hair around and it doesn't frizz up like a clown. I have the most beautiful hair shape now that perfectly suits my face and its all thanks to her. She is truly an amazing individual and if you're in atlanta you MUST MUST get her C cut, I am completely serious. It is worth every penny. It gets rid of the frizz, and makes your curls shiny and gorgeous! After this I will just need to get trims, which will be cheaper than the C cut.

Reviewed on 05.24.08

Stylist: Kristen James

I move all over the country for work and rely on this site for locating new stylists. After reading rave reviews on here for Kristen James Salon, I contacted her by email to ask about her routine. The response I received from her sounded very similar to the Curly Gurl routine that my previous stylist used. She even commented that she hates combs. I was really excited to find someone that had such a similar routine to what I do daily. Most everything went well and then she brought out a fine toothed comb going against what she said she hated. I was still giving her the benefit of the doubt. However, when she was done with my hair, I was not happy at all! My curls had basically disappeared! At the top of my head was straight hair with a few curls at the bottom. I could not believe that I had just spent 2 hours in the salon for the shampoo, cut and style (if you want to call it that) and spent $100! I will admit that the cut is fine now that I style it. If you want to look good walking out of the salon, better go somewhere else!

Reviewed on 05.14.08

Stylist: Kristen James

I loved Kristen's hair cuts, but I could not stand the waiting! Unfortunately, Kristen likes to book her clients on top of each other and I just was not able to wait for 30 minutes before I even sat in her chair. I had to plan to be at her salon for 2 hours no matter what I was having done, and even though I miss her, I just couldn't do it anymore.

Reviewed on 05.13.08

Stylist: Kristen James

Kristen is awesome. I am a Black American with type 3c-4a hair. She is more comfortable with my natural hair than any salon I have been to. She has cut my hair and give me wonderful color and highlights. I get compliments on my hair all of the time. I don't know what I would do without her. I highly recommend her services.

Reviewed on 04.25.08

Stylist: Kristen James

Kristen is by far the best stylist I have ever found for my curly hair. She really "gets it." Go out of your way to make an appointment with her. She is opening up a new salon in April 2008. I guess the best way to get the info is on her website

Reviewed on 03.14.08

Stylist: Kristen

Bottom line, Kristen's a savior for curly hair! Besides being super cool and friendly, she truly knows what she's doing and loves what she does. She even got my thin, limp curls looking great! I hate to reccommend her on her because I already have to book appointments a month in advance! ;) Definitely give her a try though--shes worth it!

Reviewed on 11.20.07

Stylist: Kristen James

Having endured more horrible haircuts than I'd ever wish to remember, I went to Kristen after reading the ecstatic reviews on this site, and wowza! am I glad I did. Up front, personable, kind, thoroughly professional, Kristen is wonderfully knowledgeable about curly hair (I'm a 3A & 3B) and, truly, a curly haircutting wizard! I'd already made the jump to Devacurl products a month or so prior to having Kristen work with my hair, and she gave me a cut that has lasted and looks GREAT for two months! Kristen's salon is tucked away in a small, nondescript office park that has plenty of offstreet parking. Kristen takes the time to talk with her clients, to find out their concerns and fears (you know what I mean here!), offers advice and suggestions. The girlfriend is wicked cool!

Reviewed on 08.24.07

Stylist: Kristen James

I went to Kristen today after reading about her on this site. I had a friend who went to her about a year ago and loved her. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I felt she had a lot to live up to because of the glowing reviews... and she did! Kristen was very warm and friendly. I didn't have to wait. She explained that my years of heat abuse irreversibly damaged a section of hair and it should be removed so my hair can look its best. I agreed but was a bit afraid since I didn't really want to lose length. Long story short, I lost about 4 inches of hair, but it looks AMAZING!! There was shine, movement and curl definition that I was struggling to achieve. She was very candid about which products would work well in my hair (and I was apparently using the wrong ones!). I would DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone with curly hair. She really knows her stuff! Triple Kudos!

Reviewed on 07.03.07

Stylist: Kristen James

Went off several of the reviews of Kristen on this website and decided to give her a try. WOW, am I so glad I did! She has a small but very welcoming salon and from the moment I walked in Kristen and her partner made me feel right at home. Can't tell you how long it has been that I haven't been nervous about getting my haircut. Kristen did a through consultation with me about what I wanted, my hair type, how to care for my hair and how she cuts curly hair before anything was done. Kristen includes a free deep conditioning treatment on your first visit and let me tell you my hair loved it. She also has a special way, C cut, to cut curly hair. The cut is actually a very involved cut and works like a dream! My hair is now curling like crazy with no poofing out or frizzing. She also taught me several ways to wear my hair up. My husband was amazed how curly my hair was when I came home. I highly recommend getting your hair cut with Kristen!

Reviewed on 10.29.06