2211 Edgewater Dr, Suite 26
Orlando, FL 32804, United States
carrie ccaldewey

Stylist: Ryan Delarosa

Thanks to everyone that posted a review about Ryan De La Rosa, if it wasn't for your reviews, I would never have tried another stylist. I have been frustrated for a long time trying to get people to understand my hair. I also gave the Ouidad cut a try and went to Arlene at Salon Ciseaux in a final attempt to right all the wrongs and received one of the thee worst haircuts ever! It helped me to see that some others had a similar experiences. I went to see Ryan and it is all TRUE! He could see right away what was wrong with my hair, I really didn't have to explain much. My cut, for the first time in forever, is right. My daughter couldn't get over, how much curl I had and how the curls flowed into each other. He is also very personable and easy to talk to.

Reviewed on: 07.06.15

Stylist: Ryan Delarosa

Ryan Delarosa recently relocated from Halo Salon and Spa. I think I would stalk, errr.. .. I mean follow this man anywhere because he's still the best and I can count on a great cut and color. Ryan is Ouidad certified, but it's okay if you're looking for something else. He has been my stylist for years and you can fully trust that he will listen to what you want and will give you great advice based on his years of experience. He will steer you away from mistakes and suggest cuts and styles that will work for you. Best thing about Ryan is he's a curly fan - he will make your curls rock. If you prefer to wear your hair straight, he can make that magic happen too. Love him!

Reviewed on: 13.10.13