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38 N Avondale Rd
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

User Reviews

Stylist: Marty

It is now called simply "Real Salon." I've been to Marty only once, but it's obvious that he knows how to cut wavy/curly hair. I'm in the system here as a 2B, but I think I'm maybe a 2B/C. I requested that he cut my hair while it's dry, and he had no problem doing so. My appointment was for a free consultation, so be aware that the salon does that. During the consultation, Marty seemed to understand my concerns and he talked about the ways in which cutting curly hair differs from cutting straight hair. Since he had the time available, I got a haircut the same day. So far, so good, and I will be returning.

Reviewed on 05.21.10

Stylist: Marty

I have been going to Marty for over a year and he is generally wonderful cutting my very curly and frizzy hair. He has given me the best hair cuts I have ever gotten. My one side note is that you really do need to tell him what your hair does when it's dry (eg. my hair curls up a lot in the back, so if he isn't careful, I can leave there with a reverse mullet--shorter in the back than front). Once I tell him what I want and how my hair works, though, he is fantastic. He cuts my hair with the curl instead of straight across as if I have straight hair. I highly recommend him.

Reviewed on 09.28.07