10 Lincoln Street
Hartford, CT 06106, United States
(860) 263-0403

Sandi Todd


Stylist: Shanna

I was skeptical at first because A Natural Allure is home-based business but Shanna threw all those thoughts out the window as soon as I got there. She's awesome! She's not one of those stylists who sits there in silence- we ran our mouths all day. It did take a little long to do my Senegalese Twists (small, waist-length), longer than I expected actually, but when I saw the finished style, I didn't care. It was beautiful! Shanna hooked it up. Included with my service was the wash AND the hair extensions so I didn't do anything but show up and sit. She's professional and meticulous with borderline OCD because she wanted my parts to be PERFECT. LOL If I could upload a pic I would. I'll definitely be seeing her again.

Reviewed on: 06.02.14