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Stylist: MacKenzie

I went to Siggers based on recommendations from this website. I have to say that I was not impressed. I made my way over there after work one evening. They stuck me in a back room where about 5-8 apprentices ordered pizza and kept running through the room and shrieking like a bunch of sophomoric girls. I found myself back there alone for the majority of the time I was there. Finally after about two hours of processing, etc. for a type of highlights that I did not request, nor prepared to pay for, MacKenzie led me to her chair for the cut and style. The cut was great, but my light-brown with blonde highlights that I walked in with came out dark brown with red highlights. Again, not what I had asked for. When I shared my discontent, she called over her apprentice as well as two other people that worked in the salon to tell me how "Sarah-Jessica Parker" I looked. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of SJP's locks. $335 later plus ATM fees (because you can't include your tip on your debit card, nor do they accept checks, but conveniently, they have an ATM that charges you out the yang in fees to get cash to tip the stylist) I vowed to never return. On a positive note, the eyebrow wax was probably the best ever!

Reviewed on 07.06.06