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User Reviews

Stylist: Taylor

Well, where can I begin. My curls can be unruly at times but since going to see Taylor my curls are so defined and less unruly. I luv Taylor. She has been the best thing for my curls. When I started going to her my hair was so short and now it has grown a couple of inches. My curls are so healthy. I love how my curls lay and the shape. I would recommend all you mixed ladies check out this salon. You will be surprisingly satisfied and will kick yourself for not going sooner. These stylists know how to take care of your curls and can assist you with the right coloring for your curls. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Reviewed on 10.04.17

Stylist: Taylor

I love you guys so much!! I take both my red-headed girls (5 and 8) to them and they do an AMAZING job! My eldest had unmanageable (though beautiful) hair until I took her to Taylor a year ago. Today I took my 5 year old who I didn't realize had such curly hair until they cut and styled it to enhance her natural curls. They are the sweetest ladies, and they take the time to not only cut and style the hair, but they also teach you how to style it and take care of it at home. I am so thrilled to find someone who not only specializes in curly hair, but KIDS curly hair!I cannot recommend them highly enough if you or your children have curly hair!

Reviewed on 08.30.17

Stylist: Soema

I was armed with a hat and a hair tie for my ride home after the cut but I didn't need either one and instead felt like I had won the lottery! Soema was very welcoming and didn't judge me when I told her that I had been so frustrated with my last cut that it had been 2 years. She gave me the best cut I have ever had and explained the whole styling process which was super easy to replicate at home. This salon uses Ouidad which I think is so much less maintnance and easier than other lines. For the first time in my life I left the salon feeling super excited about my haircut and can't wait to get back on a regular cut schedule. Thanks for helping me love my hair Soema!

Reviewed on 08.15.15

Stylist: Melissa Vaz

I could write a novel about all of terrible hair cuts I've received, but I'd rather spend my time spreading the word of just how great Melissa Vaz was. I'm desperately trying to get an appointment in the next two weeks & she is booked solid. She changed my life!

Reviewed on 02.11.15

Stylist: LaSha

I know nothing about curly hair. My son has been wanting twists and I've tried unsuccessfully to do them myself. LaSha was awesome. She talked to be about styling, products, and next steps. He now wants locks and we're working towards that. She also gave me help with my daughter's hair. She was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and went way above the call of duty. We will be back and will request her again.

Reviewed on 07.09.12

Stylist: Melissa Vaz

I was a bit skeptical at first since I've tried every cut under the sun to try and tame my curls. Even after I got my curl-sculpting cut, it took me a while to really see the magic that was at work. I began having a good hair day everyday. People started complimenting on my perfect curls. Someone even thought my hair was crunchy since the curls stayed in their families, and when they went to touch it, they were surprised at how soft it was. I'm definitely a convert and I can't wait for my next cut!

Reviewed on 06.27.12

Stylist: Melissa Vaz

I was a bit skeptical at first - I'd tried all sorts of cuts before, but nothing seemed to tame the curls. Even after my cut here, it took me a while to really appreciate the skill that was now working it's magic in my hair. Now that I've had my curls sculpted, they are much easier to maintain. The best part, is the compliments I keep getting. Someone had assumed that my hair would be "crunchy" because the curls looked so good, and when they went to touch it, they were surprised at how soft my hair was. I'm definitely a convert now and can't wait for my next curl sculpting cut at More than Curly.

Reviewed on 06.26.12

Stylist: Melissa Vaz

Melissa is amazing. This was my first Ouidad cut. She is also the owner of the salon. Melissa is truly a master of her craft, professional, and kind. She is a great listener. I am very pleased with my haircut -- my wonky curl pattern now looks consistent, and the curl was greatly enhanced by the cut. At my request, she showed me how to style my hair and explained each step of the way. Her salon is brand-new, and the decor is beautiful and luxurious. I really appreciated the gorgeous cut, deep conditioning treatment, and friendly service. The cut was on the pricey side ($95) but it is worth every penny. This salon is incredible and I will definitely be back. I love my Ouidad Carve & Slice cut. Thank you, Melissa and staff!!

Reviewed on 05.08.12

Stylist: Natasha

Thank you so much for such kind words and support of More Than Hair Salon and Braiding Academy. Please be advised that we have an alternative salon number. You may contact us at 703-306-9479 Once again thank you so much. Respectfully, Natasha Smith

Reviewed on 07.30.11

Stylist: Melissa Vaz

I have had curly hair all of my life and I cannot believe that I waited this long to have my hair be this fabulous! I visited Melissa at More than Curly and got the Ouidad Haircut and my only regret is that I haven't done this sooner. Melissa got what the issue was right away, taught me things about my curls that I never knew and walked me thru some styling tips. I am so happy with the end result and have had so many compliments already. I finally like what I see when I look at my hair after many years of thick unmanagable hair. My curls have reached their full potential. I also cannot wait to go back and purchase some Ouidad products. The prices are much better than I expected them to be. The Staff at More than Curly was completely lovely and kind. I felt well taken care of by everyone! Thanks Melissa!

Reviewed on 07.21.11

Stylist: Elena

I just moved out to dry-as-a-bone Denver from the horribly-humid East coast, and my curls had gone from full-bodied to limp. Elena did a magnificent job at shaping my hair and taught me some tips to get the body I want out here in the arid West. I am definitely going back and recommending this salon to everyone I know with curls!

Reviewed on 07.17.11

Stylist: Melissa Vaz

Melissa is very skilled at cutting curly hair. She is a certified Ouidad stylist and has really mastered her craft. I will continue to visit Melissa. The cuts are very pricey but worth it - this is the first time I've been able to wear my hair down in years. More Than Curly also sells Ouidad products - which saves money on ordering online and paying for shipping. If you visit this salon I would recommend Melissa. There are some less experienced stylist's who she is grooming to learn to cut and style curly hair - but Melissa it the only one who is truly a master at doing it. The atmosphere is good - it is a new salon and they are trying to grow their business so you do have to deal with the occasional walk in. My only gripe is that I wish Melissa moved her chair more towards the back of the salon instead of the front door. It was a little too noisy for my taste. If I'm paying $90 bucks for a hair cut I prefer to sit in peace rather than have to hear everyone who comes in talking loudly. Other than that the experience was good and I will definitely come back.

Reviewed on 06.21.11

Stylist: Natasha

Natasha did an excellent job with my hair and my little one's hair (5 and 8). She was sweet, gentle, and fast. I had a great time and my girls did too. The three of us have natural hair of different textures and some stylists do not know how to handle it. She was great and is very experienced with natural hair. My girls and I were very happy with how we were treated and loved our styles. I recommend her for people who have natural hair and those who have relaxers. I don't plan on ever going to another stylist. When I think about our new stylist, I hear violins playing and my heart sings.

Reviewed on 12.30.10