Jodi Jones Vasiliou Glamour Salon

Salon Concepts
3657 Stone Creek Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45251

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Stylist: Jodi Jones Vasiliou

I have been loyal to Jodi and following her around town while she changes from multiple salons and hung in there with her through her getting Married, honeymoon, vacations, two pregnancies and maternity leaves. I had scheduled a appointment online and due to her pregnancy and time off, the next booked appointment available was 8 months out and I scheduled it. I started looking around for a new stylist due to the fact of her very low availability. During the eights months I was waiting for an appointment, my phone was stolen along with all my appointments, my contacts .. Everything. My appointment was scheduled so far out, to be honest with all info gone on my phone and I received no auto reminder email that I have received in the past about having an appointment.. I did forget. After sticking with Jodi and following her I was surprised at her reaction ; she was very upset and told me if I wanted to reschedule I would need to pay in full prior to rescheduling another appointment that was another several months out. I do believe Jodi is a great colorist, listens very well to your concerns. I did not like her taking a razor to give curls layers and my head of hair ended up always looking like a triangle head... So I would feel like I would constantly have to go back there to get trims when I really didn't need them, other than the fact to just rid of the " pyramid " head look. I do have very curly hair and always did not like her brushing my curls out. Since I have been with a Deva Curl I can see how there was a lot going wrong that I just didn't realize it. Different curls deserve different attention. It's not one cut for all. A blessing in disguise she was so unwilling to understand the truth of the missed appointment. Like I said, she does do great color. I didn't like being up sold on products you can get cheaper at Ulta though.

Reviewed on 05.12.15

Stylist: Anonymous

Jodi has moved and is now at Salon Concepts Dent. 6701 Ruwes Oak Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45248

Reviewed on 12.18.13

Stylist: Anonymous

Jodi has moved to a new salon. The Avenue Salon & Spa - 3504 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45211. 513-410-0150

Reviewed on 02.24.13

Stylist: Jodi Jones Vasiliou

Jodi is hands down the best stylist for curly girls (and guys!). She listens to what I want, and gives great suggestions on styling my frizzy, sometimes unmanageable hair. My hair has never grown out so good - it definitely cuts back on the amount of time I put into my hair each morning. I would never go to any other stylist! Definitely go see Jodi!!

Reviewed on 07.20.12

Stylist: Jodi Jones Vasiliou

If I could double the rating on here I would! Jodi really listens to what you want with your hair and then does exactly what you discussed. I asked for short with some side bangs and that is exactly what I got. As my hair grew out it continued to be super cute and I didn't feel like I had to go back for any "fixes" in between cuts. She is a fun conversationalist and makes the time your are getting your hair cut go by in a snap! I like that she has good products but she doesn't push them on you at all. If you are looking for someone that you are going to stick with over the years you should definitely see Jodi. Her phone number is 513-410-0150

Reviewed on 03.27.12

Stylist: Jodi Jones Vasiliou

Jodi has packed up her shears and curling iron and has a new address. I did't even consider NOT following her, no matter where she works! Hands down she is the BEST stylist for curly girls(and even those who are not so blessed).

Reviewed on 09.20.11