E! Aveda Salon

10930 Stockdale Hwy Ste 104
Bakersfield, CA 93311

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Stylist: Diana H.

I just have to say that Diana is the best! She's funny friendly and an awesome stylist! If you've got curley hair and need someone that knows what they are doing then she is the person you need to see. I also got my hair colored and being someone the rarely colors their hair I was a little nervous. My naturally red hair had faded to a washed out strawberry blonde but Katie that did my consultation was amazing she listened to what I wanted and mads suggestions that when all was said and done I was thrilled to be a redhead again! This was the first time I had ever left a salon and didn't feel the need to go home and redo my hair it was perfect and has never looked so good. I am on my way back there to pick up some of the styling products that Diana recommended. I am an E Aveda customer from here on out! Well as long as Diana and Katie are there lol.

Reviewed on 08.01.12

Stylist: Diana H.

OMG Diana really knows curly hair, I have truly found my stylist for life. I was telling all my curly friends to come see Diana for their next hair cut, before I even left the salon parking lot. All you curly girls in Bakersfield GO SEE Diana H!!!

Reviewed on 07.22.12

Stylist: Diana H.

After years of bad haircuts, from stylist who said they knew how to cut curly hair (wrong), I found Diana thru recommendations and this site! I was so beyond pleased with my whole treatment. To start, I actually made an appointment for myself to repair a bad haircut and one for my 11 year old son who needed his cut. (Thought I would kill two birds with one stone.) From the moment we walked in to the salon, we were greeted with friendly faces! We were asked if we would like a glass of tea or water (nice!) and our stylist would be with us shortly. While we were waiting each of us got a complimentary hand treatment and my son got a men's facial. He loved it! When we finally meet Diana, she was warm and welcoming! You can see she is passionate about making us curly girls look wonderful! She took the time to hear my needs, wants and the horror stories of past hair fiascos. After giving her full reign, she started to dry cut my hair, coaxing each curl to be just where she wanted it. She not only created a wonderful cut, she taught me the ins and outs of how to enhance my curls. When she worked on my sons hair, he got the same treatment! He later told me, she was the best person to ever cut his hair! I HIGHLY recommend Diana and her fellow salon mates! Everyone of them made us feel welcomed and important. They also did not push products. They gave you recommendations if you had questions, but they were not hard selling, like you find in many salons. Every curly girl should see Diana!

Reviewed on 04.17.12

Stylist: Diana H.

I had never had a curly girl haircut. So I started pooling all my money to get one for my birthday thinking it was gonna cost me an arm and a leg to get a haircut that didn't involve any straightening. I couldn't have been more wrong. The cut was priced as the same as a regular cut, I just got to spend all my extra money on products ;) However, the price wasn't even the best thing. The staff there is friendly and courteous. They genuinely want you to have a fantastic time at their salon. They make sure you know your way around the products, and that you have a nice glass of water or tea on you (which in Bakersfield is lovely). But all this pales in comparison to Diana. She is warm and vibrant and absolutely loves her job. She did a full consultation on me to see what my wants and needs were before even starting. I gave her completely free reign of my love-starved hair and I don't regret it for a moment. Not being a curly girl herself she decided to get fully trained in order to help those of us who do, so we can look our best. She's trained with Aveda, Joico, Ouidad and DevaCurl, and believe me it shows. Before I left I not only gave her THREE hugs, I also booked my next six sessions in advance. She is Bakersfield's best kept secret. Make your appointment. Her work is absolutely guaranteed, but I know you won't have any complaints.

Reviewed on 03.23.12

Stylist: Diana H.

I had never had a curly cut before, and after this experience, I am never getting anything else. All the ladies at the salon were open and friendly, making sure I had a glass of water and showing me around the shop, but they didn't prepare me for Diana. She's so open and friendly and absolutely adores curls. Before she even realized she was going to be my stylist she walked straight up to me and told me how much she loved my hair. Once she had me in her chair, she talked everything over with me about what I wanted (super easy, because I gave her completely free reign) and about what curl style I had. The ? at the bottom of my review isn't because I don't know my curl type, but because I have 3 separate curl types on this head of mine all of which she identified and proceeded to educate me on. Throughout the cut she was constantly letting me know exactly what she was doing, and why, as well as giving me little tips to use. She even did a happy dance when she saw my hair start to come to life again (it was long and the tips were very damaged). Before I left I hugged her not once, but 3 times, scheduled my next 6 appointments, and made plans to get my mom in there. PS. She's been trained just about everywhere including Aveda, Joico, DevaCurl and Ouidad as well as told me that she would be more than thrilled if her entire clientelle was curly girls. Go and make your appointment! The price is very affordable on any budget. Just make sure you leave room for me to keep going back :)

Reviewed on 03.21.12

Stylist: Diana H.

E! Aveda Salon on Stockdale Hwy is Bakersfield's " Best Kept Secret !" This is my fourth time back for a cut / color and I'm happy to say, Thanks E! Aveda!!! Not only are they very professional and friendly, they teach you so well about how to properly use their products! I am in my 50's and for years I have suffered with bad hair cuts not knowing I was a Curly Girl. About 6 mos ago, I learned about the curly cut and have search for a stylist in Bakersfield who knew the technique. In my trials, I found Diana Holtzclau. THANK YOU DIANA!!!! Ok, Bakersfield Curly Girls! Don't settle for anymore bad haircuts! Visit E! Salon and let Diana do her job. Her cuts are amazing and she is a darling of a person with a beautiful disposition. Have you ever, not meaning to, offended a stylist because you were unhappy with the way they cut your hair! I am an easy person who likes a great cut. Simple...a great cut! Diana is the "BEST!" She listens to you and delivers a great cut weather your hair is straight or CURLY. I enjoyed being greeted, asked if I wanted water or tea and was shown to my seat where I was treated to a great shoulder massage. That wasn't expected. :) I can't be happy enough with this Salon and look forward to appointments knowing I'm going to walk away with a great cut and style. :) Sincerely, Angie Bakersfield,Ca.

Reviewed on 10.20.11