Salon Paradiso

Silverdale, WA
2841 NW Kitsap Pl. Suite B
Silverdale, WA 98383

User Reviews

Stylist: Clarissa Peal

I went in for a devacut and a major length change. Let me just point out this wasn't the greatest idea: I didn't use any styling product AND my curl pattern loosens with length. As such, I'm just going to rate/comment based on my experience, not the cut: Meh. I was pretty freaked out from the get go when Clarissa didn't ask me any questions aside from what length I wanted. She didn't talk to me about my hair at all. I had to mention I wanted face framing layers, and that I wasn't certain if I wanted bangs or not. She then proceeded to go most of the process without having a conversation with me, though she added comments here and there to the other stylists+clients convo. – I didn't like that. When we went to the bowl to style, she tried explaining the no sulfates/silicone CG information. For a newbie, it wouldn't have been more than a few side notes that would need later researching. On the bright side, she did teach me a little about styling my hair that's benefitted me – shaking before applying product, being gentle, the "squish" sound needed for gel. She also offered that I read the CG Book while I was sitting under the head dryer, which would be wonderful for a CG newbie. Overall, there wasn't anything glaringly awful nor glaringly wonderful about the visit. I probably won't return as a result, but also because I don't care for devacuts.

Reviewed on 03.03.14