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Stylist: Keenan King

Keenan King has Moved to SALON PLUSH 12627 W. Wa****ngton Blvd. LA CA 90066. He is no longer at Salon Republic on PICO BLVD>

Reviewed on 08.17.18

Stylist: Keenan

I found Keenan on then looked at his reviews on Yelp and saw some of his work posts on Instagram before reaching out.  It is important to note that Naturally Curly was my first stop because as all of us girl with Curly hair know not just anyone knows what to do with curly hair.   I had longer hair (just past my shoulder blades) wide barrel curls underneath and looser curls on top.  I called Keenan first and asked him a few questions, he was super nice and receptive to the plight of the curly hair girl.  We set up a time and he made sure to schedule in a consult because I told him I was ready to chop all my hair off.  One big note, I love short hair and have had it many times in my life so this was not a drastic change (to me).  Come the day of the appointment Keenan really looked at my hair asked questions and stopped to get a vibe of what my day to day is like.  Then I showed him my Pinterest wall of the cuts I had pinned for inspiration.  I was between a bob and a pixie-esk undercut.  Keenan was super cool about it and actually ended up doing two cuts.  He showed me the bob first and semi-styled it so I could get a feel for whether I wanted to keep cutting or not.  It was super cute but I kept on with the short.  He left my short cut long on top like I wanted and tapered on the sides and back. But not buzzed like girls with straight hair do when they do undercuts.  So my cut ended up being a curly pixie psyudo undercut if that makes any sense.  Bottom line I LOVE IT.  I actually first got it cut 6 weeks ago and waited until my next cut to post a review because a hair cut changes quite a bit from when you first leave the salon the next time you're due for a trim.  He cut it just right to wear it was short and textured enough (a must for curly hair) that when it started to grow out it didn't go all crazy and the cut actually lasted quite a long time.  Today after my trim it looks great and only took 45mins in the chair.  I also know if I decide to grow my curls back out that Keenan will know exactly what to do so make that crazy middle stage cute.  Bottom line, do your homework and do your research.  I looked for a long time all over the web and with friends and the right curly hair artist for you is not an easy fine but they are out there.  

Reviewed on 06.20.15

Stylist: Keenan King

Keenan has been doing my hair for around 8 years now. He is highly skilled with long hair, short hair, curly, straight, color, chemical treatments, you name it, Keenan and I have done it! Even from our first appointment, Keenan has listened to what I wanted, and artfully unveiled styles that are even better than I had hoped for. I don't need to bring a photo, i just explain what I'm envisioning and voila!! Perfection. My hair has gone from chin length to a playful razor cut and now its swinging back down to my shoulders, exclusivley under his superb maintenance. When in its natural state, my hair is very curly and Keenan cuts with precision so as not to lose unnecessary length or bounce. He can shape a mop of curls into a masterpiece!! I don't know how he does it, but he impresses me every time! (and I am NO easy sell!!) Though I have long since moved from LA, Keenan is still my dedicated hair stylist. The thought of letting anyone else near my head with a pair of scissors would honestly cause me to lose sleep. If you have curly hair, you owe it to yourself to give Keenan a try! You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Reviewed on 04.01.12

Stylist: Keenan King

I have been coming to Keenan for a few years now and the thought of going anywhere else gives me major anxiety! He actually understands how to cut my curly hair - my hair is not wavy and it not super tight tight curls and he can always get the perfect shape. He will always put in his 2 cents but will always do what makes me comfortable. Plus he always does my Bffs hair who has long flowing straight hair and that looks good too!

Reviewed on 11.18.11

Stylist: Keenan

I found Keenan 5 years ago from reviews on this site when I moved to LA from Chicago. I have had some traumatic experiences in the past with my curly hair, so I was nervous about trying someone new BUT Keenan listens and has experience with all types of curly hair! My husband and I both LOVE to get our hair cut by Keenan! He is easy to talk to and fun and takes the time to teach styling techniques as well as do great cuts for us curly haired kids. We are always happy when we leave Keenan! We will follow him whereever he goes!

Reviewed on 10.19.11

Stylist: Keenan

We LOVE Keenan!!!! Both my husband & I have curly hair and we found Keenan on 5 years ago when we first moved to LA from Chicago. We always love the cuts and styles he gives us. He is easy to talk to and knows how to take care of my man's super kinky curls and my S curls, each in their own way. We would follow him wherever he goes to make sure we get great cuts and have a great time to boot.

Reviewed on 10.18.11