Blu a Color Salon

Gravois Bluffs
Deva Curl, Loreal Professionnel
794 A Gravois Bluffs Blvd
Fenton, MO 63026

User Reviews

Stylist: Brittany

Brittany did a great job on my short curly bob. She sectioned it first and did a cut to get the length off to donate for wigs. I've gotten tons of compliments from coworkers, family, and clients about the cut in the week that I've had it. It might almost convince me to not let it grow out and actually maintain a cut!

Reviewed on 01.27.18

Stylist: Brittany

Blu is a very clean salon and so nicely decorated. I live out of area and have been looking for somone knowledgable in curly hair. Someone had recommended Blu to me. So I decided to try it out. Upon walking in everyone, is so friendly. Brittany was my stylist, she was very informative of the deva curl products and took time to properly show me how to use them. She did an amazing job on my cut, I am very thrilled with my experience at Blu. I would recommend this salon and Brittany to anyone looking for somewhere new.

Reviewed on 12.12.12

Stylist: Erin

Blu is a nicely decorated comfortable salon. Very clean and professional. Wonderful to find a salon so close to home with not 1 but 3 (soon to be 4) devacurl certified stylists. Erin is terrific. She was very friendly, patient and confident. I was a little nervous and undecided about what I wanted. She made it a great experience. She was very knowledgeable and made sure I knew the right way to care for my curls as well as some great styling tips. I already made my second appt.and am considering some color. I would recommend this salon to curly and non curly girls. They are genuinely dedicated to making sure the client not only leaves happy, but remains happy. Jillimop (3 kinky, curly, wavy, straight)

Reviewed on 09.07.12

Stylist: Erin

I was totally thrilled with my experience at Blu. I haven't been to a new salon in three years, but the second I walked in all of my worries went away. Erin is so sweet and did a fantastic job on my hair. She was incredibly knowledgeable about Deva and curly hair in general. She took lots of time with my pintura highlights and they came out amazing! She really listened to what I wanted and I walked out of the salon feeling confident and happy! I would recommend Blu to any curly girl!

Reviewed on 06.22.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Nice and clean salon. Beautifully decorated. Erin did a great job with cut and color! Tried the pintura highlights and they turned out awesome! I'm so happy to have found a curly specialist in such a great location.

Reviewed on 01.10.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Nice salon! Great location. Friendly, clean and very cool decor. Went to Erin and she was wonderful! She was knowledgable and passionate about the whole devacurl concept. Cut and color turned out gorgeous!

Reviewed on 01.03.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Great clean salon, beautifully decorated. They have 3 curl specialist!!! Erin Todd and Laura all trained on how to cut and color curly hair. I have never had a more knowledgeable stylist. I can go to either of the 3 and know I will walk out looking great and be able to look great every day I love this salon and recommend it to all my friends!

Reviewed on 12.14.11