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Stylist: Poka

Tas has been doing my hair and my daughter's hair for about 12 years now and during that time we had our ups and downs. When I was one of the first customers and left as the last one with wet hair, I didn't write a bad review. When my hair came out a bright yellow instead of blond, I also didn't write a bad review. When Tas talked disrespectfully about other stylists and customers, I also didn't write a bad review but should have listened up. In the absence of the other, Poka and Tas also talk bad about each other which is so unprofessional. But when I'm being berated in front of customers and insulted for not having a permanent job at the moment, I do feel compelled to write one. A week ago, Poca couldn't keep my appointment due to car issues. He called me when I was already waiting outside in the heat at the salon. I offered repeatedly to pick him up but he refused. After waiting for an hour to see if he was still able to come, I had to reschedule. He told me that he wouldn't have the money for an Uber back to the mechanic. I have never heard anything so ridiculous from somebody who is working but then has the nerve to put me down for not having a permanent job. Obviously, I'm still able to pay for my services. When I bought the Yelp coupon, I made sure that it included existing customers, which it did. They then changed the terms of service after I purchased it. After a lot of unnecessary back and forth, I was able to make an appointment with Poka. I ha****ten in the instructions that I was going to pay the difference from the coupon for the services I wanted and had discussed with Poka what I wanted done with my hair during that hour wait. When my rescheduled appointment came, I was running 15 minutes late due to a highway closure. I texted Poca immediately. He then called me and started yelling at me even though he was in the salon and had customers. He told me he didn't have time to do all the services I wanted done. Mind you, what happened the week before obviously didn't matter. He just yelled at me for no reason and later accused me of having ****ed him. He was upset that I told the parking lot attendant, who app****ed me and told me how unprofessional it was to let me wait here like so long, that Poka's excuse was he couldn't afford an Uber. To make a long story short, Poka called the police on me when I insisted to talk to Tas when I arrived at the salon. He even made up a lie saying that I ****ed him when everybody knows I never ****ed a single person with bodily harm in my life. When I was talking calmly with Tas, Poka kept getting involved by yelling at me, insulting me and putting me down with absolutely no reaction from Tas. Thankfully, the police confirmed as well what a hothead Poka is and that his side of the story, of a 12-year loyal client, doesn't add up. I thoroughly regret not videotaping Poca and his unprofessional behavior.

Reviewed on 06.16.18

Stylist: Tas & Poka

I love Tas and Poka. They really work well together giving you helpful insight into your hair. They work to find a style that's right for you. I've had several services done by them and am always pleased with the results. I always get compliments on my hair after I leave them. Love the fact that it's by appointment only and you don't feel like you're in a crowded assembly line. If you're looking for a great natural hair salon with reasonable prices, then Natural Xpressions is for you.

Reviewed on 08.22.12