Tameria Kerce @ Simply Simone Hair Studio

3333 North Tamiami Trail
Suite 230
Sarasota, FL 34234

User Reviews

Stylist: Tameria

Excellent! I have never had a better cut. Tameria is amazing, very talented, warm and friendly. I am so glad I found her! She is the only person that will cut this curly girl's hair! I would highly recommend Tameria.

Reviewed on 09.13.13

Stylist: Tameria

AMAZING! How is it even possible that at 35 years old I have NEVER seen my hair look like this? I spent many many years fighting frizz and curls with a flat iron and tons of products. I moved to Florida and the humidity forced me to change my outlook. A friend of mine told me about the line of Deva Curl products so I gave them a try and was excited to see that my hair really just wanted to be curly. It was much better, but still not quite right so I started searching for someone who cuts with the Deva style. I found Tameria and am so happy I did. She took over 2 hours to work on every curl with such attention to detail and patience that I would call her an artist, not a stylist. Her salon is lovely and comfortable with a friendly, welcoming vibe. I walked out with awesome curls that I really didn't know my hair was capable of. Shiny, controlled and bouncy. I'm a curly convert. Bye bye flat iron. Thanks Tameria...See you in a few months!

Reviewed on 10.03.12

Stylist: Tameria

This was the best hair cut I have ever received! Tameria used the Deva Curl cut and styling process and my hair has never looked better. Tameria knew what she was doing and was very professional. She truly knows curly hair and appreciates it's beauty. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has curly hair, and especially to those who want to try the Deva Curl process. Thanks Tameria!

Reviewed on 07.01.12

Stylist: Tameria

This girl knows what she is doing. I went in there with a thick mop of hair that had not been cut or styled for over 3 years. Every person that has ever cut my hair straightened it and then cut it. She did it the right way, cut it in my natural state and left me with a look that is pretty much carefree. I got the Diva style and DO NOT REGRET IT AT ALL. I highly recommend going there, she works magic with your hair. She is very gentle and so nice. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable, every body seemed to know each other and I saw they had some regulars as well. It is very local, she ended up being someone that graduated high school one year before me at the same school. Again I highly recommend going to her, she will listen to what you want and make it happen for you and for the quality and look of your hair.

Reviewed on 06.16.12

Stylist: Tameria

I haven't had my haircut by a professional in a very long time. Simply because every professional I've been to, claiming to be experts on curly hair, have proven to be far from knowledgeable. Thus, I've endured frizzy days, followed by big , rough hair, and hairstyle obliviousness. So when I met Tameria, I was skeptical of her expertise, but quickly realized that this woman really knows what she is doing! She gave me a dry cut to predict the curls after-cut pattern, used the Diva line care products to wash and deep condition my hair followed by a 30 minute hot dryer treatment. Afterwards finished cutting up loose ends making my hair look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. She took before and after pictures, and the difference was ASTONISHING. I would recommend Tameria to all those curly hair gals who have been struggling with finding stylist they can trust to meet their needs. In addition, the staff is friendly, attentive, and the salon is exceptionally clean. Definitely, check this place out, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed on 05.04.12

Stylist: Tameria

I have been to a few DevaCurl trained hair stylists, both in FL and PA. For sure, Tameria is the best by far. She is extremely professional, talented, and attentive to personal goals as to how you want your curly hair styled. I absolutely love how I look each time I've had my hair cut by Tameria. She is serious about her work in making you and your hair beautiful. She is a focused and competent stylist whom I highly recommend!

Reviewed on 04.19.12

Stylist: Tameria

I just moved to Sarasota, and I was searching for a hair stylist. I wasn't searching for just any stylist, but one who could do a deva cut. Tameria did a beautiful deva cut, and I told her that I would come back and do a highlight two weeks later. I was true to my word, and she really did a wonderful job. She is very thorough, and pays attention when you say exactly what you want done. It is a very comfortable vibe in the salon, and you can enjoy the company of Tameira and Simone.

Reviewed on 04.03.12