Samatha Banks: The Hair Studio

2602 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008

User Reviews

Stylist: Samantha Banks

After debating long and hard (i.e. years), and doing TONS of research, I decided to go with Samantha Banks. I used to go to Bill Lawrence Salon years ago, and after seeing her picture on another site, I remembered her face. I’ve been natural for 2+ years, and have been very leary about going to salons. I have probably only been to 1 salon since I’ve been natural. They were fine, but they didn’t cut hair at all, so that didn’t work well for me. I’ve also been wearing weaves off and on (mostly on) for the past 18 months, so I was in desperate need of a trim/cut. The salon is upstairs from Salon Roi, so you actually have to go inside and walk up to the second floor. The salon is quaint and nicely decorated, but not overly done (2 bowls, 2 dryers and 2 stylists chairs). Samantha is very sweet. She sat and talked with me about my hair, my hair goals, and what I wanted to do during this visit. She explained some things about hair health and asked what products I had been using. I was happy to see she is all for growing long healthy hair, which is my goal. I haven’t had long hair since I had a relaxer, so I definitely need some help now that I’m natural. She washed, blowdried, cut and flatironed my hair. I’m conservative (probably too much) about my hair, so I opted for some bangs that I could swoop side to side, and long layers. My hair was probably arm pit length before the cut, but is now a little past my shoulders. I had a lot of bad ends, so I’m cool with that. She did an awesome job with my cut. She gave me a curly style, which was cute. I wouldn’t say it was me, but like I said, I’m conservative. But because my hair is fine, curls don’t last long anyway, so by the time I was ready to go out that evening, my curls dropped considerably. I just wrapped my hair, and it looked great when I took it down; extremely bouncy and full of shine. I have been getting so many compliments about my hair. To me, I look like my normal self (minus the weave), but people keep saying my hair looks gorgeous/wonderful/beautiful, etc. The cut is perfect. Ms. Samantha can cut some hair! She is a little pricey, but the information, product recommendations, one-on-one service and attention to detail made it all worth it.

Reviewed on 05.07.13