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User Reviews

Stylist: Valerie

I went to this salon and stylist based on a video she did wherein she was teaching how to cut curly hair. I had gone in 2 months earlier for a consultation and she had told me that my hair was too short and that I should let it grow out. When I went back for the cut, she sent me to have my hair washed without looking at it and seemed to have forgotten everything that she had said 2 months prior. She cut off 2 months of growth and then some (4 months of growth in total), and gave me a cut that was fashionable for MEN in the 1980"s. It had nothing to do with curly hair and looked like a mullet in the back., with a short, disconnected top and a heavy, bushy tail. She used none of the techniques that she had used in the video. I also told her that because my hair had different textures and curls that she needed to account for this in the cut. She just rolled her eyes, and the cut was obviously lopsided in length and shape, something she would have noticed had she bothered to check her work. I asked her to style my hair with a curling iron (to remove frizz) but she couldn't be bothered and just did a quick brush blowdry that looked very matronly. Overall, the cut and blowdry took 30 minutes at most. She seemed rushed and uninterested. A huge disappointment.

Reviewed on 01.25.12