Hair 2 Inc

98 Scollard Street
Toronto, ON

User Reviews

Stylist: Robert

Everyone at Hair @ inc. is great!!! But Robert is my main man, he has been helping me transition my hair(3c)from relaxing to textualizing. We have been going for 2yrs now and like I sd he knows his stuff, all my family and lots of my friends see him. If you are looking for someone to care your natural hair... he's your man.

Reviewed on 09.16.08

Stylist: Adrian and Robert

Simply the curly hair gods of Toronto! Like all women with curly hair I was skeptical that I would end up with Shirley Temple curls or an ols lady perm, but it was very impressed. My curls were perfectly manageable when I left. Definately ask for Robert's Special Treatment. I don't know what it is-it's a salon secret-but its addictive! A definate must have for anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on 05.18.06