Andre Richard

Center City
1218 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

User Reviews

Stylist: Amanda

Turns out now Andre Richard has an actual Deva certified stylist named Eric. If you choose to go to Andre Richard, I would try him. I saw Amanda 3 times, for cuts and color. She colored my roots fine, but applied the highlights in a random way that didn't follow the shape of my curls. It looks fine, but I've had highlights that have complimented the shape of my curls much better in the past. Amanda cut my hair wet and took off way more than I asked. She didn't even attempt to cut my bangs, and said "we'd cut them next time." I guess she knew she would mess them up so I actually appreciated that. Styling was a mess. She said she had taken some Deva classes but was breaking tons of the rules, like not using enough conditioner and towel drying my hair. It was too dry when she applied products and tried to skip curl it, (which it doesn't need, it curls great on its own), and I ended up with a frizzy, sticky, scraggly mess that i cowashed as soon as I got home. The 2nd and 3rd times, I was more assertive in explaining to her how my hair needs to be styled, and she still just couldn't style my hair right and I left a frizzy mess embarrassed to walk home again. I would go back and try Eric, but i kind of don't want to go into the salon again so I will try a Deva certified stylist at another salon.

Reviewed on 05.29.12