Kolorbox Salon

Elk Grove Village
1104 W Devon Ave ste#111
Elk Grove Village , IL 60007

User Reviews

Stylist: Kristen

Since starting my CG method last month (April) I thought it would be good to get a haircut since I have not had one in about 8 months. I heard about the Devacut and was interested in finding a salon that offered that. I went to DevaCurl.com and found Kristen. I called her up and she was super sweet. I set up an appointment with her. The best thing about her is that her haircut was $50 bucks!! I've heard that DEVACHAN can cost up to $150! I was super excited to try her out since I have had very bad luck with hair stylist cutting curly hair. When a salon tells me that "all our stylist are certified to cut curl hair" I hang up because that is a load of crap. Anywho, I thought Kristen's set up was so interesting and intimate. She works in a building that is salon suits. Something I have never heard of. So it is just her in her own space. Which I loved because it was so intimate and did not feel busy or rushed. I came in and Kristen has a very warm and easy talk to personality. She cut my hair and I loved it, I do however, want to do more layers next times, but since it was my first time I wanted to get a feel for the cut. I am actually going back tomorrow to get my hair highlighted and am super excited. I cannot praise Kristen enough. She is my new go to stylist. The only thing is that she sell Deva Curl, I wish she sold some other curl girl products. I don't like sticking to one line. I will give Arch Angel a try though!! BOTTOM LINE: If you are in the area GO TO KRISTEN! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Reviewed on 05.17.12