Blis Salon

713 North Garden Street
Boise, ID 83706

User Reviews

Stylist: Michelle

1st appt she said she would keep my hair a lighter shade so not to look so harsh, and she cut some hair underneath for volume. 2nd appt., apparently she forgot as she put dark permanent color in my hair and cut my layers so that now I have thin hair. Not satisfied as now I have to start coloring myself to get the right color and let it grow out so I can have my thick beautiful hair again. I was charged over $100 bucks for this non-approved service.

Reviewed on 10.25.07

Stylist: Michelle

Every stylist in this salon has curly hair. I have gone to Ouidad Salons, stylists in Tucson, Seattle, and Washington DC, and Michelle is among the best, right here in Boise! She understands starting conservatively while learning your hair's individual quirks, as all of us with curly hair know, there are no two curly-heads alike. Her hair is a very different curl and texture than mine, so I was fearful she would assume mine could behave like hers. I was wrong - she truly understands the vast difference among types of curly hair and has worked wonders with mine!

Reviewed on 04.02.07