1321 Main Street
Meridian, ID 83642

User Reviews

Stylist: Jennifer

Yes, Jennifer is gentle, but too gentle and if I wanted a massage I would go to a spa. Also, although she cut a bit the way I wanted, I still did not have volume and I looked horrid when I left salon. Thank goodness I had my dark sunglasses and didn't live too far. Had to go home and re-wash and restyle to present myself in public.

Reviewed on 10.26.07

Stylist: Jennifer

Jennifer does a great job with curls of all types. She listens before recommending and doesn't try to sell you a bunch of stuff that you don't need. Plus she has curly hair so she knows the issues we face and she's super nice, very patient.

Reviewed on 10.16.07

Stylist: Jennifer B

Jennifer has naturally curly hair and knows how it can misbehave, or when it wants to act very nice!! She takes the time to decide what cut would work best for you and doesn't just lump you into a catagory assuming that you have the same curls as her. Bonus she never pulls or tugs at your hair, very gentle.

Reviewed on 06.13.07