Luma Salon

397 E. Altamonte Dr
1500 suite #114, FL
Altamonte Springs, FL 327801

User Reviews

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

I had my first appointment with Luisa yesterday and I can truly say that everything I have heard/read about her is 110% correct! I am currently transitioning back to my natural curls after a year of keratin treatments (and flat ironing every single day). I was soo nervous about getting a trim because I am wanting to grow my hair out but I knew my ends needed a trim. Luisa made me so comfortable about the amount of hair she would trim and I am so happy with my haircut today! She really takes the time to listen to your concerns about your hair and offers lots of tips and tricks while you are there. You can tell she loves what she does! Highly recommended :)

Reviewed on 02.21.13

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

I've only been fully natural for 4 years, and going to Luisa the best thing I've done since! Finally having a haircut that was designed for my curly hair has been amazing. Luisa has curly hair, so she understands the importance of a good cut, and she takes the time to find out about you and your hair to make sure that she gives you a cut that will not only be amazing, but will be one that you will love.

Reviewed on 09.17.12

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

I just had a haircut with Luisa in her new Luma salon. She was formerly with Lunatic Fringe but has now opened up her own salon. I love my haircut! Luisa did a terrific job with my 3B/3C hair. Luisa is the nicest person and you can tell her passion for hair in her work. She has beautiful curly hair herself and she has a true understanding of curly hair.

Reviewed on 07.28.12

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

Luisa V. is an amazing woman and stylist. She knows exactly what she is doing and has curly hair as well. My hair has never seen a good hair cut in my LIFE. It's always been frizzy and shaped like a pyramid and now it is healthy, bouncy, and full. Luisa did a fabulous job on my hair and I am never going anywhere else. I never thought in a million years my hair could look this beautiful. I've gotten so many compliments on it since. She listens and learns about your hair and works to deliver exactly what you want. Thank you so much, Luisa! I'll be seeing you again soon!

Reviewed on 07.26.12