Project One Hair

Shop 2 65 Myrtle Street
Sydney, 2008

User Reviews

Stylist: Lucas

Just wonderful. Lucas saved my curls from damage due to texturising. My curls bounced up like never before after the haircut. I am never going to allow anyone else to touch my hair ever again.

Reviewed on 04.09.18

Stylist: Lucas Patterson

Disappointed! I was really excited to find someone that offered dry cuts, curl-by-curl - but Lucas didn't listen to my requests and I ended up with a strange, short cut that didn't suit me in the slightest! Took 6 months for me to grow it long enough and have it sorted by my old hairdresser in London. 

Reviewed on 05.26.16

Stylist: Lucas Patterson

I am so glad I found Lucas at Project One Hair. The first hairdresser to understand my curls and know how to cut them properly. Beautiful calm salon. They've got me for life!!

Reviewed on 08.01.12