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Stylist: Gisela

I went to see Gisela after reading the reviews on this site. Unfortunatley, I was not happy with my cut, which was much too short on the top and sides. I let her know I was unhappy and she was nice enough to give me a free fix cut, but it didn't help. While I think Gisela has good intentions, I would advise anyone going to see her to watch how much she cuts around the top and sides. There is no reason it should be short, especially if you have a good lenghth.

Reviewed on 10.10.06

Stylist: Gisela

I have had my super naturally curly hair cut numerous times by Gisela and have always been very happy. This time was different. It is the worst cut I have ever had! She cut way too much off and my once long, healthy managable hair is short a frizzy! I can't even pull it back!!! I am very, very upset and unhappy with the cut. I am in the process of looking for a new stylist hopefully who can help undo some of the damage done. I will not be calling for another appointment. I would recommend thinking twice before making an appointment.

Reviewed on 10.09.06


After reading a lot of the recommendations for Gisela, I thought I'd give her a try even though she is quite a distance from where I live. Thank goodness for all the information the internet makes accessible to us, because if not for this website, I might not have ever heard of Gisela. She is the first stylist I've met who would "dry cut" my hair (the way curl guru Lorraine Massey recommends), and just the way she cut it was so different from what I'd experienced in my lifetime. I have lots of curly hair that gets heavy and bell-shaped when too long, and I wanted lighter, more springy curls. Well, she did it! I'm thrilled with the haircut and I want to thank all the people who posted information about Gisela. Most of all, thank you to the people who make this website possible for bringing such great stuff to the curly community. I've met the woman who will be cutting my hair for a long time and I plan to recommend her to all my curly friends. Yay, Gisela!

Reviewed on 02.05.06

Stylist: gisela

I went to gisela based on the great reviews on this website. the first time i was happy - the 2nd time, not so much. yes, she says curly hair should be treated differently than straight hair, but she doesn't seem quite like the one to do it. after she dry cut my hair, snipping randomly with her scissors, i walkd out of there with my hair TWO INCHES shorter on one side of my head than on the other! i was not happy. it may not be necessary to cut curly hair straight across the bottom, but it should still be somewhat even - a 2 inch difference is QUITE noticeable! and, as a few others mentioned, i had a mullet when i left, which i definitely did not ask for. she didn;t listen to what i wanted, and i will not be going back to her. be cautious if you go!

Reviewed on 01.28.06