122 N Neil Street
Champaign, IL 61820

User Reviews

Stylist: Jake

After reading the other reviews, I was excited to try the DevaCut with Jake, but I was pretty much afraid to walk through the door of this place. In truth, the experience was great! The salon is full of a number of young "hip" looking people, but no one seemed mean or rude and I am about plain jane as they get. I think "hip-ness" is more a sign of the fact they are continuing to learn their craft and stay up on current trends. Jake is super nice and approachable as other reviews mentioned. He did talk to me as he styled my hair about what I could do to achieve the same style at home. He also talked to me about how curly hair is different than straight hair and needs to be treated differently. He seemed very knowledgable. He said that he and two of his fellow stylists-- Doug and Rebecca actually trained with the author of "Curly Girl" (and co-owner of the Devachan salon). From the cut I walked out of there with, it's apparent that Jake knows his stuff. I actually have a haircut that I can manage on my own without any complex styling routine. My hair looks great, has nice volume and frames my face better. Most importantly, it works with and accentuates my naturally curly hair. If you have curly hair, I absolutely recommend the DevaCut. If you can get it with Jake at Ippatsu even better. It's seriously one of the best hair cuts I have ever had. P.S. I HATE to spend money-- especially on haircuts. I believe the extra expense if worth every penny.

Reviewed on 09.27.12

Stylist: Doug

Dealing with Ippatsu was a joy from start to finish! I called the salon smack in the middle of their move from Neil Street to Chester Street, learning of this from their voice mail message. Early the very next morning Bob called and got me in with Doug later that morning. Doug was wonderful. He encouraged me to continue growing my hair out, taught me how to work with my hair, and ever-so-carefully clipped me. The results are subtle, just what I wanted. I brought along a bag of the products I use. He looked through them and told me I was on the right track, to just be careful with products containing citric acid, as it strips the hair. Doug spent 1-1/2 hours with me. I've read the comments here and on other sites speaking of how hip the place is. That's true, but the salon felt very "live and let live" to me. It's not about tattoos or lack thereof, it's about being yourself and allowing others to be themselves. From where I sat for 1-1/2 hours, the folks at Ippatsu were wonderful and warm, all the way around.

Reviewed on 04.06.12

Stylist: Rebecca Bedinger

I just had my first Deva cut today from Rebecca who I found on devaconcepts.com as well as this site. I love the haircut and the whole thing was a great experience. Rebecca took the time to listen to me and didn't rush through my session. She was very knowledgeable about the CG way. She started by cutting my hair dry. Within the first few snips I could see the shape of my hair looking better. I then went back for a shampoo. She used Deva Low-poo and explained to me why she thought it was better for me than the no-poo. She followed up with One Conditioner. My hair was then dried by scrunching using a thin smooth towel. She showed me how much AnGell she was using. She used all Deva products and showed me which clips to use to lift my roots while drying. She did not push product but because I was planning to buy the products anyway, she was able to tell me which ones were best for my hair. Ippatsu has other Deva trained stylists as well. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone.

Reviewed on 01.16.10

Stylist: Emily

I went to Emily based off the recommendations on this site. It's the first time I've ever walked out of a salon happy with the way my hair looks! She listened to me and immediately understood what I wanted. She's not one of those for whom "just a trim" means "hack off four inches"; she also corrected a lot of the bad things my previous hairdresser had done. I'll definitely be going back to Emily!

Reviewed on 10.13.06