Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic

Member of the Institute of Trichologists. Specialise in the rep
119 Munster Road
London, SW6 6DH

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Stylist: Teresa Angelina Richardson (MIT)

This is my honest and personal experience with this Hair Clinic. * PLEASE READ TO THE END * Firstly I would like to highlight the fact that this a hair clinic and not just another hair dressers. A title earned, as it is run by a professional who has studied a Masters degree, a Member of the Institute of Trichologists with 25 years experience. This was comforting to me as I researched on the net how to finally grow back my temple and nape hair after hiding under extravagant wig caps, weaves and wigs for a decade. This is the only clinic in London I could find that specialised in Black Afro Hair and was affordable. The website is very informative and even inspiring with pictures of how long Afro hair can actually grow with good care and maintenance. No, they are not wearing weaves; its ALL natural. Like I said, Theresa is a professional in this field. When I first went there, I did not know what to expect. Firstly, its in such a calm, discrete location, which I was very pleased about. When I went in they were very welcoming and when I talked about my problems and what I wanted to achieve, Theresa was very understanding and honest. No false promises or gimmicks. So we started out an individually tailored plan, and I cannot stress enough that at this point you must be consistent in order to achieve results. I’ve transitioned to natural hair and its honestly the longest but more importantly the healthiest its ever been. Theresa is very committed to helping me get to where I want to be with my hair and has given me a lot more confidence hence the reason I travel more than 65miles each fortnight to treat my hair, because I can see the difference already. I still wear wigs sometimes to change up my look, but I now know what types are hindering my hair development and what ones are suitable as well as protecting. I would really encourage anyone from any background with any hair type that has issues with their hair to seek advise from this professional. If there is a solution, Theresa will tell you. If there is not she will not lie. Either way, i suggest you stop neglecting it because there is hope. :)

Reviewed on 05.11.12