JC Salons

2326 Bloor St West
Toronto, ON

User Reviews

Stylist: Antonio

I had a haircut I adored, it was really working for me, I loved it. The hairdresser who performed that particular miracle was Melissa, formerly of Pop Hair Design. She left and so I had to find a new hair person. I opted to go more local to where I live and thought the 2005 Salon of the Year - JC Salons - would be a good bet. WRONG. This guy, an egomaniac at best, said "Trust me" as he proceeded to hack away at my hair. I had asked for JUST A TRIM to keep the shape I had but just clean it up a bit as I hadn't had a cut in three months. I'm so upset and depressed by the results. I will never go there again, and if you love your curls, I'd suggest you stay away too.

Reviewed on 11.27.06