Curl Bar Beauty Salon

41 Jarvis Street
Toronto, Canada, M5E 0A1

User Reviews

Stylist: Betty

Great cut today, thanks Betty. Wonderful shape and bounce and I will be back much sooner next time. No more trying out places, Curl Bar is the place to be in the entire GTA for sure. Betty and Ghergis are both great.

Reviewed on 06.26.18

Stylist: Dixie

I have no fear for my hair with Dixie there. She is quiet but thorough and precise. This is my third stylist here and they are all fabulous.

Reviewed on 02.07.18

Stylist: Keisha

This place is the best, I love the entire salon. So cozy and chik.. Check out their hot new stylist Keisha, although Ghergis, Dixie and Trudie are amazing as well. I only go to Curlbar with my hair. It is really the only salon I've been to with low drama and great customer service. It is relaxing coming here. PLUS I end up with great hair. :)

Reviewed on 01.24.17

Stylist: Keisha

The Curl bar was great my first time. The stylets (Dixie) was great and knew how to care for my kinky low porosity 3c 4a hair. She gave me a nice dry cut and deep conditioned my hair before styling my hair in an amazing wash and go. Unfortunately, she no longer works at the salon.The next time I went back the stylist (Keshia) cut and treated my hair well but had no idea how to style it in a wash and go. I left with hair that wasn't very defined and decently frizzy. My hair usually doesn't get to that stat until day 5 after working out on multiple days. I'd recomend her to people who don't have kinky hair for wash and gos.

Reviewed on 12.30.16

Stylist: Keisha

Keisha is fantastic! She has gotten the most consistent curl out of me than anyone so far and is very pleasant to work with. She really listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly that. She is super friendly and had some great suggestions for changing up my routine a little for seasonal changes. I will be going back to her for a colour correction from a previous stylist (not from curlbar). Overall curlbar is such a warm and relaxing place to be! Trudie the owner is very welcoming. If I was a millionaire I would be there every week just for a treatment and style. My roots continue to be a challenge (they are nutso) but I have a feeling Keisha will figure them out. 

Reviewed on 12.16.16

Stylist: Ghergis

This is the first Toronto salon I tried when my stylist from Barrie moved away. Krista recommended curlbar actually! I should have listened to her in the first place and not tried other Barrie salons. Shudder. Curlbar is definitely not one of those gossipy salons.. it is a nice and relaxing blue, and ghergis took her time to do me right. 

Reviewed on 12.07.16

Stylist: Ghergis

Ghergis got the job done and gave me a great cut. The atmosphere in this salon is so relaxing. Nice colours

Reviewed on 10.07.16

Stylist: Ghergis

I got my first Devacut with Ghergis. She was great at explaining what she was doing and how I should do it myself. I felt that the cut was ok but maybe had a few missing pieces (there are some out of place locks here and there on my head) but she used products that made my hair super soft. Overall it was ok and I would like to try a different stylist next time to see the difference.

Reviewed on 09.21.16

Stylist: Sheena

As a longtime client of Devachan in New York, I appreciate how hard it is to find a great curly hair stylist. I visit CurlBar for the second time last week and I highly recommend Sheena. I've been getting compliments on my new cut non stop! Thanks CurlBar!

Reviewed on 05.31.16

Stylist: Dixie

Went yesterday - had a good and very relaxing time and Miss Dixie worked some magic and gave me my groove back.  Thanks Dixie!

Reviewed on 08.28.15


I usually go to Nicole but I started a new job and currently can't get to the new location during their hours.  I decided to try curl bar based on the good reviews I saw here and it being close to work.  I called and asked if it would be possible to do the cut during a lunch hour (going a little over was ok if  need be).  They told me it wouldn't be a problem,  they would cut it dry, i just needed to wash the night before and have no product in my hair.   Sounded great so I went and booked an appointment with Dixie. I got there a few minutes late on  the day of but the salon was pretty quiet so they said it was OK.   I recognized Dixie from the pictures and spoke to her when I got there.  She asked me to have a seat,  they would be a few minutes.  Another stylist finished with her client then called be over.  I've had cuts before where an apprentice will do prep and finishing for the stylist so I went with it.  Dixie never ended up acknowledging me after the brief  greeting I initiated when I arrived.  The stylist seemed to be taking her time but I hoped that the extra time would result in a great cut.  After trimming the stylist (I never got her name) began washing my hair.  I reminded her that I had come during my lunch hour and had washed it the night before as advised over the phone.  She said that the wash was part of the process.   After washing she began trimming again.  She then put me under the dryer and left me.  When she comes to check on me (after being under the dryer for about 20 minutes), i ask her the time - it's apparently 2:30 meaning my unfinished cut has taken 2 1/2 hours! This is well over the hour and a bit I asked if they could do it in.   I tell her I have to leave now and she reminds me  my hair is sopping wet.   Unfortunately, at this point I have no choice but to leave with sopping wet hair.   Every salon I've gone to, I've been charged in the medium curly price range.   According to curl bar i have extra long hair (its about an inch past my shoulders).  Again I've taken over double my allowed lunch time so I didn't have much time to say anything other than "wow that's more than I got from the site".   The next morning I wake up and style my hair to find that after 2 1/2 hours and over $100, my hair looks exactly the same as it did before the cut. My cut was planned to be right before my vacation so not wanting to risk anymore extended lunches and the fact that I left later that week,  I didn't have time to look into their service guarantee.   

Reviewed on 05.19.15

Stylist: Dixie

I've been going to Curl Bar for two years. First Karlene was cutting my hair. Since she's left Dixie has been my go to hairstylist. I've never had a bad experience at this salon. I've loved every single hair cut I've gotten here. What separates Curl Bar is that these stylists actually take the time to LISTEN to clients instead of just going to town on your hair! Dixie had always paid very close attention to what I wanted. The service is friendly, professional and totally unpretentious.

Reviewed on 01.09.15

Stylist: Dixie

I just have to say THANK YOU to Dixie at Curl're awesome Chica and I love love  my hair cut. I really needed a trim/cut to get my shaggy looking hair back to respectable standards and Dixie took care of it all. I also like the new gel product "Earthtones naturals" she used on my hair...My curls looked and felt healthy and soft. The next day was even better than the hair was even bigger and better..I love BIG hair. If I could upload a pic I would  :) Anyhoo, I never have any problems booking an appointment with Dixie and I always walk away knowing my natural curls are happy and healthy.

Reviewed on 12.03.14

Stylist: Dixie

I went in to get my hair washed, cut, and styled. I was SO happy with the results. Dixie is so sweet! My hair was soft and healthy that I am now very comfortable with my own hair. I have decided to stop texturizing my hair and go natural. All of the staff are friendly and it is a comfortable environment to be in. I can't wait to go back and get my hair done again! Curl Bar Beauty Salon made me love my own hair and take a break from extensions and weaves.

Reviewed on 07.19.13

Stylist: Dixie

I went last week Friday after work for a consultation with Dixie.(Booked online) First thing I noticed was that the place was nice a "airy". The teal blues and white really looked lovely together. As I walked in, everyone turned and welcomed me. All the ladies extended their hand with a warm handshake. Dixie escourted me to her chair and we got to talking. I felt truly listened to, as I explained my hair journey over the last few months. She give me some positive feedback on what I was already doing right and some suggestions without pushing any products or services on me. I felt so comfortable with her that I asked if I could stay and get a BC from her right then and there. As she didn't have another client coming, she was able to take me. After some much needed cutting and TLC, I left feeling great! I even got some samples and a free towel.

Reviewed on 05.06.13

Stylist: Trudie

I have been looking for a hairdresser for the longest time. Frankly, I had put that idea on the back-burner because of the fact that every time I would go for a haircut it was a disaster. Yes, curly hair can be tricky. Comes Trudy and Curl Bar Beauty Salon. What a blessing! The Salon is clean and spacious. The staff is friendly. The clients are smiling too! Trudy is very attentive, passionate and talented. She cut and handled my crazy curly hair like a pro. Seriously, I came for a haircut and it ended up being a total make over. I am so happy to have found this salon. I recommend this place for every curly girl out there. It’s worth every penny. Thanks again Trudy for my new beautiful hair!

Reviewed on 04.17.13