Lana Cyrus Salon

318 N Sheffield
Chicago, IL

User Reviews

Stylist: Lana

My experience with the salon was a little rocky at first, but completely worth it in the end. There was some confusion concerning my original appointment and when I showed up at the salon, it was closed! I was a little put off, but when Lana called apologizing and offering to reschedule my hair cut, ON THE HOUSE, I had to say, "yes, please!" It was the best hair decision I've made in a long time. Lana was skilled and fun. She listened to my consultation and told me about what she was going to do before she did it. I have really curly hair (actually- not like these girls with mild waves and say they have curly hair) and she was able to cut it in about 45 minutes giving me a kind of edgy, original, punky sort of style. I absolutely love it and will definitely be going back to this established and professional salon! Well done Lana!

Reviewed on 10.04.09

Stylist: Lana

I had an appointment today with Lana upon the recommendations listed on this site. My hair was in desperate need of a new cut. I think my previous stylist was used to cutting relaxed hair and the shape she gave me a few months ago left me with the beginnings of a mullet (not cute!). Even though I was a bit early for my appointment, Lana was able to fit me in and give me a cut in less than an hour (my previous stylist would take 2 HOURS to cut and style my hair). Lana gave me a cut that is much more flattering on me and is very easy to maintain (she showed me exactly what I need to do!). I am very pleased and will definitely be going back!

Reviewed on 08.18.09

Stylist: Lana

I've been embracing my curls for about two years but just wasn't feeling the love with my local stylist. With a trip coming up to Chicago, I did some research and chose Lana's salon. I didn't give her much warning, but she made time for me. I am glad she did. I had a lot of hair taken off in length, but that is so it would grow out properly. She basically said I had a mullet! My local hair stylist didn't have a clue what to do with my hair, and Lana showed me what a person who knows what they are doing can achieve. Very friendly atmosphere, and Lana had a curly client she'd had for 15 years in another chair. That's the best recommendation anyone can have. Run; don't walk if your current stylist isn't doing right by your curls. I go to Chicago once a year, and I'll be visiting her next time for sure. Her salon is close to the Belmont stop on the red line.

Reviewed on 06.22.09

Stylist: Brian

I have long, very thick curly hair and have had a VERY tough time trying to find a stylist who is good with my hair. I finally found one!!! Brian is unreal! He colors, cuts, and styles my hair with(it seems) no effort at all. He is always on top of current trends and is never shy about expressing what I should and shouldn't do - I highly recommend him!

Reviewed on 11.03.08

Stylist: Lana

Great experience from consultation to finish. I'm African-American 3b/c hair, Curly, it's just below shoulder length. Straight, it's at the small of my back. I wanted to keep the length. She did that plus she put in a layer for framing my face. She also put in a little copper highlights to break up this mass of black curly that can overwhelm my face. I love the result. She listens to you. Asks about your routine. She didn't try to talk me into any kind of drastic cut for the sake of cutting hair. She told me that beautiful curly hair is already a style. Highly, highly recommended!

Reviewed on 07.01.08

Stylist: Lana

I'm in the late-begining stages of growing out fine but plentiful wavy hair, and chose Lana based on the reviews on the site. The salon was Arabesque previously, but has been sold to Lana and she's renamed it. Lana is very CG friendly - but doesn't practice CG herself. Her own hair is tight ringlets (she's biracial) and she made sure I understood the difference between wavy and curly hair and the different needs of each before she came near me with scissors. She also explained that once she gives my hair a little shape, I'll be fine for three months, that cuts every six to eight weeks when you're growing out your hair only help the stylist earn money and aren't necessarily needed if you're at a place where all the hair has to do is grow. She cut my hair wet, but just the back from the earlobes down, then dried it with a diffuser and did a tiny bit of shaping to the sides. Looks fantastic, and I appreciated the time she spent with me talking about wavy hair, which I've always had but never really understood how to deal with. I'd recommend her highly - but remember that Arabesque doesn't exist anymore, and the stylists who were there (besides her) are now at other salons.

Reviewed on 05.11.06