4038 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611

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Stylist: Pamela

I am a certified non-Saloner (apparently we are a type) with mixed curly-spirally hair.  I spotted this salon a couple years back, and began fantasizing about the possibility of someone competent enough to create a new look for my tired old curls.  Ultimately, I wrote it off as only a fantasy, assuming they were probably overpriced anyway, and continued to wear-out the only look my poor head had ever known.   Fast forward to present day, when I braved the odds and made an appointment with Pamela.  Not only was the experience affordable and fun, bonus: she made my dreams come true!  SOMETIMES, trusting things to a trained professional can really pay off...  I brought in a few pictures of the general silhouette I hoped to achieve, and I left thoroughly pleased, okay, overjoyed by the fresh look and feel she gave to my locks! I plan on returning for more curly-haired adventures, most definitely.

Reviewed on 07.23.12