Tonya Fairley

Deva Certified, L'Oreal Professionel
145 W. Green St
Pasadena, CA 91001

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Stylist: Tonya Fairley

Just got back from having my hair cut by Tonya for the first time -- definitely the best hair cut I've had on the west coast! I went to the Strandz salon. The salon was very sunny, peaceful, and calming. Tonya did an AMAZING job cutting my beautiful curls. I got a Deva cut so it was a dry cut which means at the end I was able to see exactly how my hair would look (and it looked good!). Then she did a cleanse and wash and put in some of the Deva products. Now, I don't use any product in my hair (too cheap and lazy and my curls look great without them), afterwards, my hair looked even better and the curls felt really soft. Overall, 5 stars and definitely will be coming back.

Reviewed on 12.31.13

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

Tonya has moved to Strandz Hair Studio 1700 E. Washington Blvd. Still delivering awesome Deva cuts in her new location. 626-296-6504

Reviewed on 09.27.13

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

Tonya was so friendly and accommodating. I went in yesterday to chop off about a foot of my hair, and she really listened to what I wanted. The person who shampooed my hair was also amazing (unfortunately I didn't catch her name), and the Deva products looked great! Now I'm very satisfied with my hair and will be coming back to Tonya in the future.

Reviewed on 07.07.13

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

I was glad I read the reviews here and on yelp about Tonya and Tangles Salon. I was hesitant at first but quickly relaxed once my consultation was over. Tonya explained the cut in detail and then handed me over to Brianna for my wash(amazing). Brianna was very knowledgeable about the product and tips to keep my curls in check. After the wash Tonya showed me how to get the "not so flat" look. After my hair dried Tonya gave my cut the finishing touch. I must say it was the best cut I ever recieved. I liked the products but I loved the Deva Styling Creme the best. Call Tangles and see Tonya you won't be dissappointed.

Reviewed on 06.18.13

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

I went to Tonya 3 wks or so ago for a consult. When I talked to her I explained how upset I was do to a previous bad haircut experience. After our consult I felt confident The Deva Cut was for me. it was actually more than I thought. She did an amazing job and I must say people are still complimenting me on how Great my hair looks. The salon was great and Bri did a wonderful job washing my hair too. I will be back in a few months. For the first time in a long time I am Embracing my curls happily..

Reviewed on 01.08.13

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

OMG it is soo hard to find a stylist who knows how to do curly hair well. Once I found Tonya at Tangles in Pasadena, I can't imagine going anywhere else. She keeps my color fresh and my cuts to where I can wear my hair both straight and curly. If you come to see Tonya, trust you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 07.19.12

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

Omg I have to say that it's been hard to find a stylist who knows how to cut and style my naturally very curly hair. Ever since I've found Tonya at Tangles Salon in Pasadena I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!! Tonya keeps my color looking fresh and on point and my cut versatile because I wear my hair both curly and straight. Once you come to see Tonya you won't be disappointed and you will feel that you have found your stylist!!

Reviewed on 07.17.12

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

I am new to the curly girl method. I decided to get my first Deva cut at Tangles Salon after reading positive reviews on Tonya through Yelp. I am so glad I did! Tonya was very friendly and, understanding that this was my first Deva cut, she patiently guided me through the whole process from dry cut to curly girl wash and style. It was an awesome experience to witness the improvement that each magical snip made on my 3B curls. Tonya framed my face beautifully. I love, love, love the Deva cut! Not so sure that my hair agreed with the Deva products as much though. They smelled good, but my hair was a bit frizzy and crunchy in parts even once completely dry. My hair looked better with with the curly girl friendly products I used at home the next day. Still, the cut was the point and it is stellar! I was so happy, I had to hug Tonya by the end of my adventure. Thanks, Tonya! I'll definitely be back!

Reviewed on 05.22.12

Stylist: Tonya Fairley

Specializing in Curly Cuts the Deva Care system.

Reviewed on 05.18.12