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606 Sherman St SW
Olympia, WA 98502

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Stylist: Lisas Dias

BEST HAIR SALON I HAVE EVER BEEN TO EVER!!!I have always had curly hair, but with not hydrating/styling/giving it all the love it DESPERATELY needed, it was just a giant ball of frizz and sadness. This was all until I met Lisa! (the goddess of curly hair) Her salon is so laid back and extremely gorgeous! She turned my uneven, dead, almost unfixable hair until the curly dream it is today. I will NOT be looking for another stylist! She even offered to have me come back later, straighten my hair, (just to see if there were any crazy strands that needed snipped) ALL FOR FREE. She's my dream come true!11/10 recommend! 

Reviewed on 02.27.16

Stylist: Lisas Dias

Best salon experience along with a wonderful hair cut! My curly hair has never looked so good and healthy!

Reviewed on 02.13.12