The Station Hair Studio

Golden Triangle
1120 Delaware St
Denver, CO 80204

User Reviews

Stylist: Shadie

Shadie did an amazing job with my curly cut!! It was the best one I've had and she was super personable, the atmosphere in the salon is great and everyone is sooo nice. I found my new salon.

Reviewed on 11.13.19

Stylist: Julia McBride

Hands down the best curly haircut you will ever get. I have been seeing Julia McBride for my curls for the past 6 years. Julia is beyond professional and fun! My hair is always cut beautifully and grows out nicely. As a curly haired girl, having someone I can trust to make large changes to my hair is invaluable. We've gone from super long to short - and I've loved them all!

Reviewed on 05.15.18

Stylist: Julia McBride

I've been going to see Julia McBride for the past 10 years. When I first moved to Denver, I was determined to find a stylist who knew what to do with curly hair. The stylists I'd worked with in the other cities where I'd lived were constantly offering me ways to straighten my hair and every time I got a haircut, I felt like a weirdo with hair that was unmanageable and ugly. Julia has completely transformed the way I think of and feel about my curls and has been an absolute gift to me. She works with all kinds of hair, but it was apparent from my first visit with her that she loved the challenge of curls and appreciated them for their unique quirkiness and the care they require. She has taught me so much about my hair: how to care for it, embrace it, and appreciate it. She takes such care with every curl and has truly made an art of the care of curls. Julia is an incredibly talented stylist and also just a really lovely person to be around. I can't recommend her enough!

Reviewed on 04.28.18

Stylist: Micki

I love my haircut! Micki gave me a very cute, modern, curly moptop. She made great layers, sensitive to the fact that my hair ranges from 2c to 3b depending on where it is on my scalp. She used DevaCurl method and products, and my hair felt light and hydrated. Everything from DevaCurl smells amazing. To boot everyone was very courteous and they offer drinks and candy when your hair is drying. Very pleased, will be returning! 

Reviewed on 08.12.15

Stylist: Jeanna

I heard about the station from here and these great reviews and really needed to fix a bad haircut that I had. I was lucky that I was able to get in and see Jeanna within a few days. I decided to have my hair cut into a stacked bob and Jeanna did a great job shaping the cut that I wanted, while explaining her process during the cut. Through out the washing and styling process, Jeanna explained every step and showed me how much product to use. She also showed me where to place the clips to enhance the shape of my haircut. Usually after getting my hair cut I don't like how it is styled, but not this time, my hair looked great and it has been easy to recreate to style at home. The salon itself was very nice--modern look, friendly staff, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Reviewed on 10.01.14

Stylist: Megan

I am VERY picky when it comes to my hair. Boticelli curls and a lot of bad haircuts later, I was looking for someone who knows how to cut curly hair. Looking on Yelp, I kept seeing great reviews for Shapes Studio, not for the studio itself, but for Megan the stylist. But when I tried to book with Megan at Shapes, she was no longer working there! Luckily, I got in touch with someone who had reviewed her, and asked if she knew where Megan now works. Well, long story short, she has opened her own salon with some of the other stylists from Shapes, and that studio is Station Hair Studio. I booked with Megan (which was super easy, by the way - I got in the afternoon of the SAME DAY I called!). Everyone was friendly, the salon was clean and not warehouse-y, but best of all was the cut! Megan walked me through the Deva process, asked me what I wanted from my cut, and then managed to fix all of my heavy layers without actually losing the longest length of my hair. She then styled it while I held a mirror, so I could watch the Deva shampoo process, "noodling" with the Deva One Condition, and then the scrunching with the gel. The only thing I didn't totally love is that my lowest layer of curls is a little less curly than the rest, so with that layer being kept long, it kinda looks strange. However, my priority is growing my hair out for my wedding, so I am glad it wasn't cut shorter, and I am hoping to blend those longer layers with some highlights, anyway. Overall, a great experience. The price was right (normally $70 for a cut, which I find perfectly reasonable, and especially for how great the cut is). I have been able to try styling my hair with a bunch of different products (I had been chained to Catwalk Curls Rock for the past 10 years, and now this cut finally makes my curls behave with a bunch of different products!), and it is so much fun to actually like my hair. WHAT?! I will SO be going back!

Reviewed on 08.20.14

Stylist: Jamie

Jamie did a great job! She knew what she was doing when she cut my curly hair. Im middle eastern and have super curly hair but it was losing its curl after so many years. It started to look great right away when she started cutting it and hasn't stopped looking great for the week after when i straightened it. She did a deva cut and told me how to use the products. So far so good!! diana

Reviewed on 04.24.14

Stylist: Julia Mcbride

I have been going to Julia McBride for about 6 years and will not let anyone else touch my hair. In the past, I have found people who can cut my curly hair well enough but when it came to styling it after the cut, it was abysmal. Julia changed that. I now get a great cut and leave the salon feeling like I want to show off my mane, instead of rushing home to restyle my hair because it is a frizzy nightmare. When I leave my appointment with Julia, my curls are bouncy, non-frizzy, and separated into little ringlets. Julia and The Station are fabulous and I am so happy to have them.

Reviewed on 07.16.13

Stylist: Megan

I have been searching for hairdressers to take care of my curly locks. Megan is my answer! She was recommended to me by a colleague who has gorgeous curly hair. I love how Megan cut my hair while dry, washed it and then let my hair just BE itself. Sure she taught me how to care for my hair and gave me recommendations on products; but to this day I am still able to re-create my curls. Whereas in other times, I would come out of the salon looking glorious but never able to look that way again. Thank you Megan for taking good care of my hair! :)

Reviewed on 05.31.13

Stylist: Julia McBride

I started seeing Julia McBride after 30 years of not trusting anyone to touch my curls. She is amazing and has truly changed my whole curly hair existance. She works with the Diva line and has traveled several times to New York to train. I would highly recommend her!!!! The Station is in a great location, offers true stand out comfort and has a wonderful atmoshpere. Most of the gals have worked together for a very long time and you can tell they all absolutely love what they do.

Reviewed on 01.11.13

Stylist: Jeanna

This is a beautiful new salon, i'm so excited to follow my stylist here. All the girls are so fun and welcoming. It is a beautifully styled relaxed environment, and not to mention beautfiul hair here too. Their shampoo bowls are the most amazing thing I have ever layed in. Definatly nothing I have ever used before, they really made everything so client frendly here! You and your curls will not be disappointed!

Reviewed on 11.01.12

Stylist: Jeanna

This salon is beautiful! The stylist are wonderful! The hair is AMAZING! I've seen Jeanna for a few years now, and followed her to this beautiful brand new location. I am SO happy I did! She is amazing with curls as well as my beautiful color. I highly suggest her. All the girls here are so welcoming and wonderful, it really is such a happy, easy going place.The best part is everytime I go see her, im never the only curly girl in the place! That says a lot in my book about all the wonderful stylists! A must go to for curls of all kind!

Reviewed on 11.01.12