Paul Hyland Salon & Spa

318 Memorial Drive
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

User Reviews

Stylist: Mary B.

I saw the recommendation for Mary and live in the area so I gave her a try. I was not impressed. She admitted that she doesn't have any special tricks to cutting curly hair and this was fairly apparant as she cut my hair. She did an okay job with the layers (nothing different from any other straight-hair stylist would do) but she had no clue how to style it. I walked out of there and luckily had a hat in my car to wear home until I could rewash and style it so it looked decent. She IS very patient and went back to recut when I said it looked a bit too long, but she and I both were surprised and confused to find her recommended as a great curly stylist. She is nothing more than ordinary in her techniques, if you can call them techniques. I'm going elsewhere next time.

Reviewed on 07.05.06