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Beverly Hills
415 N Camden Dr
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Stylist: Batia

got the best haircut of my life from batia! i have been meaning to write a review forever - i can't wait to go back for another cut soon. the prices are a little out of my reach (the first cut was on a living social deal and sooo worth it!) but i have been saving my pennies for another one and i can't wait - she is worth the pricing in my opinion. she cut my hair unlike anyone has ever cut my hair in 40+ years of living curly. I am not super curly, more like loose curls and not even in curl around my head so a bit of a mess usually. she actually looked at the individual curl and seemed to cut based on how it sits and falls and curls. i thought it might be really uneven in the end but it was seriously the best my hair has ever looked and it grew out amazingly. my mother was visiting 3 months later and commented on my gorgeous layers and how they framed my face and fell so nicely in the back - 3 months later! she knows what she is doing. i am not an actress, just a regular gal, and she was super nice to me so not sure what the other reviewers are going on about. i left with products, i have restocked since and i send them to my curly haired friend living in japan - they have a great product line. i can't say enough good about them - if you have curls, head here soon!

Reviewed on 06.18.13

Stylist: Batia

The hair cut, on my botched hair, was terrific, and now I am following Batia's advice to wait 5-6 months for it to grow out, and then I am anticipating a GORGEOUS cut. The products are great. It was a very busy day so the down side was the amount of time I had to spend there. Clearly experts on curly hair.

Reviewed on 06.01.12

Stylist: Aleeza

I have naturally curly hair and it's so hard to find a haircutter who can cut it and keep the natural wave. Aleeza does just that, she's a miracle worker! She gives the best cuts that last for months. she is the only person in L.A. who knows how to cut my hair. Go to this salon and you'll go FOREVER!

Reviewed on 05.28.12

Stylist: Aleeza

If you have curly hair, this is your haven. I have had cuts at Devachan, Ouidad, and Frederik Fekkai himself -- all in New York City -- but I had to come to Beverly Hills to get the BEST haircut of my life. Aleeza is a master. I showed her pictures of what I was looking for, pictures I've been showing stylists forever. But she actually got it. She cut my hair as I've been envisioning it for years. And when I needed an adjustment, she was happy to perfect the first cut. The salon is just lovely -- beautiful but relaxed and friendly. Everyone is so approachable, and has your best hair at heart. Batia and Selba were equally wonderful in the advice they gave me. And the products. I cannot live without them! When I walked out of Devachan, my hair felt goopy and heavy and stayed wet-looking all day. B + A gel leaves my hair super soft and natural looking. Thank you ladies, for a wonderful experience! Finally, I LOVE my hair!

Reviewed on 03.30.12

Stylist: Batia

My curly hair has always felt like a challenge to me, however, Batia put me at ease right away, and cut my hair in a fashion that was manegeable, yet attractive. My hair looked healthier, I felt better, and spent less time managing my hair as a result. I am returning for an an encore cut, and expect to continue doing so in the future. I would heartily recommend Batia to anyone who disparages and despairs for their curly hair.

Reviewed on 12.02.11

Stylist: Batia and Seble

Batia cut my hair about 4 months ago and I am still getting compliments on the cut and style! My hair is growing in healthier and is much easier to manage now that she taught me how to properly brush and condition! I've had awful curly haircut experiences, but I completely trust her with my fro - thank you Batia for being so great at your job!

Reviewed on 09.03.11

Stylist: Seble

Recently, I visited the Batia and Aleeza hair salon with a family member. Although I was very excited it was short lived as to when I arrived the "snobby" feel of Beverly Hills became very apparent. They left me under a hair dryer for over 40 mins when I only had conditioner in my hair and my ears were on fire. Lastly, the lady was in a rush and I felt my haircut was not as precise as it could have been. Not to mention that the whole staff was rough with my hair. I don't use brushes.. they do. Even the shampoo girl was super rough with my hair. I had not been that tender headed since I was five. Sadly, I would not recommend this salon to any of my family or friends and will not return myself. I think I had a better cut at Fantastic Sams before. Moral of the story is save your money and go somewhere else.

Reviewed on 08.24.11

Stylist: Batia and Seble

What an amazing experience at the salon. We adored Batia and her staff. We felt welcomed from the first time we visited the salon for a consultation. In 13 years, my daughter has never had her hair cut in the technique that Batia used. Finally someone who knows how to style mixed kinky curly hair. If you have curls that are a challenge, I suggest you use Batia and Aleeza products plus having Seble & Batia style your hair. You will be amazed at the results. Thank you to Kim and Beatrice as well for making our experience one we will be looking forward to again. Worth the price of the hair cut & the products are less expensive than Mixed Chicks & WORK!!!! I loved the family feel of the salon, we felt like we had been clients for years. Such a welcoming enviroment in addition to a talented staff. Batia, thank you thank you thank you! Can't wait to come back. Avery & Kristen

Reviewed on 06.22.11

Stylist: Batia

What can i tell you about my haircut experience with Batia? She is absolutely the best! I am 45 years old and for 40 years hated having a hair cut because i couldnt find anyone who understand how curly hair behaves... until a friend refered me to Batia! she knows how to get the best out of my hair, she understands my frustrations with my freezy curly hair and gives amazing hair cuts every time! have you heard of a stylist that tells you that you only need a hair cut 2 or 3 times a year! she is that honest! she loves what she does and makes you hair look absolutely gorgeous! thanks Batia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the BEST!!!!!!

Reviewed on 06.10.11

Stylist: Batia and Aleeza

My mother and I both have very curly hair, for which it can be difficult to find an experienced stylist. This past Mothers Day, I researched curly hair salons in the Los Angeles area and ended up taking my mom (and myself!) to Batia and Aleeza. We misjudged the time it would take to get there in traffic and arrived over half an hour late, but no one was grumpy with us about it. I believe we were both supposed to have our appointment with Aleeza, but because we were late, Batia helped out and the two women flitted back and forth between us. Everyone at the salon is warm and friendly. Batia and Aleeza both know what they're doing when it comes to curly hair. My haircut and style were excellent; my mom's were truly amazing. The best part may be that our hairdos STILL look great, even four months later. The shampoo, conditioner, and anti-frizz serum they sent us home with all work well, making them worthwhile in spite of the hefty price tag. An extra bonus: Sprinkles Cupcakes are right down the street. Save room!

Reviewed on 09.04.10

Stylist: Batia

I visited this salon twice about three years ago and my hair is just now recovering from the bad experience I had there. I have been getting highlights for years, but the person who did the highlights during my second visit at the salon must have been a trainee because she left the product on too long and burned my hair. I had a lot of breakage on the highlighted pieces that took time to grow back out. The first time I went there, Batia gave me a good haircut, but was much shorter than I wanted. I risked it and went back (big mistake) and made it a point to tell Batia that I wanted a trim only and that I'm growing out my hair. She basically told me that she knows more than I do, and proceeded to cut SEVERAL INCHES off my hair. The attitude is snooty, prices high. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed on 01.29.10

Stylist: Batia

I've been to many salons before I went to Batia & Aleeza. Since then I've never even thought of trying other salons. I really like the atmoshpere there and each visit always makes me feel like a one-day queen. Batia is such an artist, she knows my curls well and always give me a trendy style that suites my faceshape, hair texture and personality. It is highly recommended, especially if you are looking for reenergizing your face/body, soul and mind ;)

Reviewed on 11.18.09

Stylist: Batia and Seble

I was quite hesitant about reviewing this salon as I hate giving bad reviews..My friend and I drove here excitedly TWICE to have our hair done. While the hair turned out nice, the overall experience was anything but! This salon is operated like an assembly line. They pass you around to different people for EVERY little task. One shampoos, one conditions, one puts color in (without consulting with you at all about what you want). Your head is spinning by the time you sit in Batia's chair. Sometimes they just plain forget about you as it happened to us. When we finally got our 10 minutes with Batia, she just cut without asking what we wanted (typical of this salon). Then she started peddling jewelry and other stuff. When she was done, we were passed to Seble who has the snootiest attitude of all. She was trying to sell us hair clips and products the whole time while burning our scalps with the blow dryer. All that horrible service with a huge price tag. NO THANK YOU! I was stupid enough to go twice but never again. Anyone considering going there and you're not a VIP, forget about good service. You will just be treated like trash.

Reviewed on 07.13.08

Stylist: Aleeza

I went to the saloon because I wanted to get a hair cut from someone that could cut curly hair. I spent a lot of money. (200+) But did not receive the treatment that I or anybody deserves. The stylist simply began to cut my hair without even asking me what I wanted. Also, the stylist seemed to check herself out more than my hair. I would simply not recommend.

Reviewed on 05.03.08

Stylist: Batia

Hi, I just wanted to send out a testimony for Batia and Aleeza Salon. I have tried so many different salons and products for my naturally curly hair and I couldn't believe what an incredible experience I had today with Batia. She did an amazing job on my hair, the cut and style was purely done with her artistic sense of style and wisdom. She took the time to show me how to style my own hair and embrace the natural curl instead of fight it. She was absolutely superb and I finally feel relieved to find a stylist and products to go back to. Thanks to your website, I found her! THANK YOU!!!!

Reviewed on 10.05.07

Stylist: Batia

They do great cuts at this salon but there is so much attitude from Batia and her staff that i wouldn't recommend it. I've spoken with several people that feel the same way. If you're wealthy or a celebrity you can be treated the way you are used to being treated at other salons.

Reviewed on 09.20.07

Stylist: batia

I have been coming for 20 years . Batia is the only person i will let touch my hair .She is the best person to cut curly hair in L.A. I Love Her. Lisa Garr

Reviewed on 06.22.06

Stylist: Batia

After several horrific haircuts by stylists all over Los Angeles (including some of the self-proclaimed "best" in Beverly Hills), my confidence was shot. After all, the first thing you notice on a person is their hair and I could not hold my head up high with frizzy, dry curls when I left the house everyday. Soon, I began to hear people talking about Batia and Aleeza. My interest was piqued. I had my first haircut with Batia and I've stuck with her ever since. She expertly layered my hair, showed me the proper way to apply the gel and style it. It was not your run of the mill curly hair cut. It was versatile, well-groomed and most importantly, full of movement. It was sexy. Seriously, for the first time in my life, my curly hair was SEXY! Everyone from the person shampooing your hair to Batia herself is so kind and professional. Don't wait. Go now. I promise you will not be disappointed. I wish I knew about them sooner!

Reviewed on 04.22.06

Stylist: Batia

After being on the lookout for several months, I do believe that I have finally found “the one”… I love this salon! Batia and Aleeza seem to be a very fun pair and the entire staff was extremely friendly, stylish and attentive. Batia really listened to what I was looking for and offered her expert advise. The results were fabulous! The most surprising part of this visit; It’s the first time that I have actually looked GREAT when leaving the salon. Like many curly heads out there, although I was blessed with gorgeous hair, it has taken a lifetime to learn exactly what styling regimes do and don’t leave me looking like a frizzy mess. Even the best, most expensive hairdressers can’t get my hair to look the way I can… until today! Thank you to all the lovely ladies at this salon… you will definitely be seeing me again!

Reviewed on 04.18.06

Stylist: Seble

I never thought I would be writing a posting for this site but I must recommend Seble to everyone! I have spent most of my adult life jumping from salon to salon trying to find a hair stylist I like. Nobody has really been able to cut my multitextured 3B hair. I always ended up with a mushroomy square shape. Seble has made me believe in miracles! She is a curly girl (3C) as well so really knows how to work with your hair I had originally thought I would see Batia but she was a bit pricey for me. Seble's rate is $100 for a cut. She is amazing!! I am soo happy with my cut for the first time in my life!

Reviewed on 03.17.06